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Antique diamond ring

Friday, July 12th 2013. | Antique Diamond Ring


If we hear the word “antique” then mostly people get the other word, “old”, comes to their mind firtsly as antique’s representative. That is half true and false on the other hand. So, what is it exactly? Antique diamond ring is a ring which is studded with diamond and is made with an old fashioned design. If then you ask me after knowing that explanation, then its true old and what on earth is there any out of there who still want to use that kind of ring? Woo just don’t be rush. Is not just any, but i’m pretty sure there are some bunchs of people out of there who love wearing an antique ring. Antique diamond ring

Antique diamond ring


Antique diamond ring still become a popular choice because of its design. An old fashioned design usually apply intricate and complex designs, a design where the designer need to pay an extra detailed attention even toward a tiny pattern, that are hard to find in recent design. Its because modern ring tend to choose a simple design. And these complex and intricate designs make the rings look elegantly antique and adds the mystic impression to the rings.

And from investment standpoint, antique rings are a good thing to be invested because of the unique design that shows the aura of the old days and all of these are oftenly handmade, so its almost impossible that a certain design of a diamond ring owned by more than a person, except those who dont really own this ring ask to a designer to make the similar one. And because of it, an antique engagement ring is usually used by some generation, passed down from our gradmother to our mom to our wife to our daughter and so on. Antique diamond ring

Antique diamond ring


However, because of that habitual activities, the ring can be very worn. Maybe the setting getting loose or something missing, and we need to replace or repair the settings of the ring. And also its not possible from some women to have the same finger size, and so the band might be getting thin and this absolutely need a new metal. By putting the old stone into new ring, the antique style can be similarly reproduced even though its not the same ring as given by our grandmom anymore, but at least we keep the it save. The other one that become the most attention is the diamond. People in the old days usually choose the white diamond to be used in their ring. And as time passed by, there is no doubt that the color of the diamond will be kind of  blur. Sometimes even got scratched in some sides. The best solution for those is bringing it to get a care from the gem’s expert. Even though maybe the carat will get lesser. Antique diamond ring

And now talking about an antique diamond ring price, there are some factors that influence it. Almost the same like the common diamond ring. The purity of the diamonds, the karat of the metal used (in ths case gold), the carat of the diamond and the complexity of the design.
From what internet says the price of an antique ring go around  $700 to $3000.

Antique diamond ring

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