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Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Monday, June 17th 2013. | Aquamarine and Diamond Ring


Aquamarine is one of precious gemstones often set together with a diamond onto a ring, and thus, create a beautiful aquamarine and diamond ring. There are many available you can choose to set these two kind of gems altogether, whether it is in a three-stone ring (with a diamond as the main stone and two aquamarines as accent stones or vice versa), in a cluster, in a hallo setting, and many others. Whatever the gorgeous choise you choose for your aquamarine and diamond ring, since it combines two gems altogether, you need to know the criterias you should pay attention before purchase it. Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Aquamarine, a birthstone for those who were born on March has a colour close to the sea, therefore, the name aquamarine comes from a Latin word ‘Seawater’. It is believed as a lucky stone which can ensure the sailors will return safely after out at sea. It is believed to have many benefits to the wearer in spiritual and physical such as align the aesthetic and mental bodies and help the wearer to honour spiritual experinces and incorporate them to further their own growth.

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring


If you want to buy a loose aquamarine and diamond for the ring, these are some things you should consider. Like 4C’s on diamonds, aquamarines are also valued by the 4C’s. For a diamond, more colourless the stone is, more the price is. For aquamarine, it is usually pastel blue, and the more desirable one is the pure blue one with no sign of grey and green. The less expensive is the yellow one, and the most expensive is the darker colour. Just be sure that the colour is spread evenly without lighter or darker patches. Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

The most common cut for diamond is round brilliant, while the most common cut for aquamarine is oval. But the popular cuts for aquamarine are cushion or oval cut eventhough, like diamonds, there are many cuts available for aquamarines, such as emerald and princess cut. To find the best cut, whateber the cut is, just make sure that the cut is in visual proportion balance.

There is no diamond in the world is really clear from inclusions or flaws, but the best asset of aquamarine is, almost of them show no inclusions at all. Thus, when you purchase an aquamarine, find the one with the highest purity, while for diamond, as long as the inclusions cannot be seen, it will be okay.

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Aquamarine is considered as one of hard gemstones, given about 7.5 – 8 on Moh’s scale, while the diamond, the hardest gemstone, is givan a 10. And since aquamarine is on the lower level in hardness than diamond, you should make sure you more protective to this gemstone when you purchasing an aquamarine and diamond ring. It is better for you to put on the ring after you complete your make-up, including perfume and hairspray since the chemicals within them can damage the aquamarine, and do not wear it when you do a hard activities to avoit the gemstone being hit. Take it off when you go swimming since the chlorine in the water will harm it and avoid too much exposure of sunlight since it will make the colour of aquamarine paler. Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

To maintain your aquamarine and diamond ring, you need to clean it regularly. You can have it cleaned by a proffessional, or you can do it by yourself at home. Wipe it with a soft cloth the soak it in warm water. You may use mild liquid soap and clean it with soft brush. Then, wash it off with plain water. When you keep it in a jewellery box, it will be better to warp it with soft cloth so that it will not bump into other jewelleries.

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring
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