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Champagne Diamond Ring

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013. | Champagne Diamond Ring


Champagne diamond is actually a ‘problematic’ diamond whose colour created by too many mineral contaminants which are most common found with clear diamonds. However, those minerals combine in such way that creates a sparkling brown hue. Because of that, the ‘problem’ is prized by many people so that champagne diamond gets a place among fancy coloured diamonds. For those who are looking for something trendy, unique and lovely, the extraordinary colour of champagne diamond will be perfect for you. Champagne Diamond Ring

Diamond gets its colour due to impurities in the chemical composition or structure of the diamond gets abnormally compressed during the formation. However, champagne diamond gets its colour from unusual stress during the formation. Champagne diamond is also known as dark diamond, brown diamond, chocolate diamond, and cognac diamond. You do not need to get confused because of this, since those names are given by jewellers over the period of time. Whatever the term used to call this special diamond, they are all the same.

Champagne Diamond Ring


Champagne diamond has been used for jewellery for over a century and this one popular as an engagement ring as well. When you see a champagne diamond ring, you will get mesmerized by the combination colour of warmth of honey and sparkle of diamond. Champagne diamond generally looks beautiful on all of skin types and when it is put on a finger, it will radiate a warm and spirited glow. However, there are some things you need to know before purchasing a champagne diamond ring in order you get the best champagne diamond ring ever which will amaze anybody seeing it. Champagne Diamond Ring

You need to choose the setting wisely since a god setting will enhance the beauty of the champagne diamond. To highlight the unusual brown colour, open setting is most suitable, for example, prong setting. This setting will allow more light into the ring, and make the diamond sparkles more. It will be better to use a champagne diamond in solitaire ring rather than use many smaller champagne diamonds, since it is very difficult to find the diamonds with exactly same shade, and even slight difference in colour will give bad influence to the beauty of your champagne diamond ring. If you prefer many stones in your ring, you can use a champagne diamond as a main stone and many smaller white diamonds to surround it or set as accent stones.

Champagne Diamond Ring

Just like other diamonds, the value of champagne diamond is determined by 4C’s. All of them are important, but since the real beauty of this diamond is the colour, it becomes the most important factor determining the value. You need to make sure that your champagne diamond has uniform colour overall without any sign of secondary colour. But sometimes, a hint of pink colour on it makes it extremely rare so that the value will increase significantly. However, the more vibrant and deeper the brown colour of the champagne diamond is, the more expensive it is.

For the cut, just make sure that it is not a poor cut, since a poor cut can create shadow and decrease the vibrancy of colour. For the clarity, many people like their champagne diamonds have flaws and inclusions to add a dramatic touch of champagne bubbles. For a champagne diamond, you may not really appreciate the colour in small diamonds, so choose the big one, just remember that the bigger the diamond is, the more the price is. Champagne Diamond Ring

Champagne diamond ring will look better in white gold or platinum. You may not want to use yellow gold since the yellow gold can make the diamond appears yellow and less valuable than its real value. Champagne diamond is the best in simple shapes such as round or princess. Fancy shapes like marquise or heart will make the diamond looks uneven in tone.

Champagne Diamond Ring

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