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Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Monday, December 23rd 2013. | Diamond Engagement Ring


Many woman have spoken their mind out on how their actual desire about an engagement ring should be. About the setting that will hold the diamond for the future time, setllely there, about the kind of diamond the color or the origin that will soon be the center of attention, and such others as the design of the engagement ring. Woman, with all of their feminine side, of course have their own taste about how a ring should be made. But because of the tradition, the custom habit that been existed for long ago, and also people impression, or elderly advice make the fact that not many is brave enough to implement their mind, their dream into a real form. For example the heart cut diamond to be used in an engagement ring. Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Heart shape itself is clearly stated as love symbol, not talking about the relation with the diamond. So people, even one that have not been in the situation where they should pick or recieve an engagement ring, if they see a woman wear a heart cut diaond ring will just know it directly that, oh it is a symbol af love, whether she got it from a man or other person who loves her, but of course  here in the term of engagement she got it from a man right. Here comes the problem, can i say it so? rather than that, lets call it a different perception. By the existed tradition, as i said before, not many that then decide to pick this kind of cut to be applied on their engagement ring. Many of them then, driven by public opinion, turn their taste off the heart cut diamond, and even hate it for sure. The reasons are clearly stated, considered as a tacky choice, silly taste, or childish decision to finally give quite bucks on it. Or for another make sense reason are, the heart cut considered can make a diamond sparkling enough to be compared with other common diamond cut, or to use heart cut style, a diamond need to be big enough so that the shape can be clearly seen. But still, of course esixt those who keep their voice in the mainstream opinion, to pick a heart cut diamond on their engagement ring. Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Here is a quite intersting story about how should people see the heart cut diamond ring in a positive way. A man having a girlfriend and soon will propose her, is getting confused on which kind of ring he will buy. As a kind of simple person, he thought that the heart cut is a shape that can represent his feeling best. But his friend suggested him to buy a shape, which even only once, have been said by the girl. And so, he heard from the girl that she wanted a princess cut. Then he choose the princess and make it hers. After they got it official, their relationship, the man told the girl what actually was in his mind. And the girl just feel blessed to know how her man tried hardly to buy the ring, and sincerely want to show his feeling through the heart cut. And the girl said even i didn’t have any idea about the heart cut but if you then finally end up getting this heart cut diamond engagement ring, i will love it for sure. Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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