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Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

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Marquise diamond engagement ring is an answer for men who want to propose their girlfriend with a classic engagement ring but not a conventional type of engagement ring which is usually given such as solitaire diamond engagement ring. Marquise diamond is one of the oldest modified cuts of diamond, which was created in the mid of 1700’s. It is said that King Louise XIV asked a diamond shape which would complement the smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour, Jeanna Antoinette Poisson. Thus, the name of the shape is named marquise. Known also as Navette Cut, marquise diamond cut is an elongated oval cut which has about 55 to 58 facets. It is one of the shallowest fancy diamonds cut as well. Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring


One of the best sides of marquise diamond engagement ring is that the shape looks particularly so flattering on hands of all sizes. The elongated shape is nice on slender hands with long fingers, but it can make shorter fingers look longer and thinner. Marquise diamond also has nice fire and brilliance as well. If you want to purchase a marquise diamond engagement ring, there are few things you should consider first. Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring



Carat is the weight of a diamond, where a carat equals 200 milligram of the actual weight of the diamond. The larger the carat size of a diamond, the more expensive the diamond is. Since marquise diamond creates an effect of larger stone, you can buy it with smaller carat size but the appearance will look like it has bigger carat size. It is a great for those who want to maximize the appearance of their engagement ring. Moreover, you can save little money you should spend for other diamond cuts by choosing marquise diamond and the save can be used for other important aspects of marquise diamond engagement ring.


Clarity is the appearance of the diamond physically. Most of diamonds have inclusions and flaws inside, and the more the inclusions and the flaws are, the lesser the price is, and vice versa. If you do not have much on your budget, buying a S1 or S2 marquise diamond will be the good option. Moreover, flawless diamonds are really difficult to find and some diamonds have inclusions and flaws nearly invisible for naked eyes.


A perfect colour for marquise diamond engagement ring is usually white. However, diamonds come with so many different colours. Coloured marquise diamond will be a good option for those who want to save more money. The whiter or more colourless the diamond, the more the price is.


The biggest disadvantage of marquise diamond is the visual effect known as bowtie effect. All of marquise diamond will have this effect which almost every type of fancy diamond has as well. Bowtie effect is a shadow in shape of a bowtie which is located in the middle of the marquise diamond, which usually appears when you look straight down at the diamond. The shadow will occur if light escapes from the bottom of the diamond instead of being reflected back. However, the bowtie effect can be minimized in an ideal to excellent diamond cut. Make sure you choose a marquise diamond with a good cut since a poor cut will give a pretty large and quite noticeable bowtie shadow. Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
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