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Stunning Engagement Ring with Black and White Diamond

Wednesday, February 12th 2014. | Diamond Engagement Ring


Of course many people all around the world are quite familiar with diamond which becomes one of the most popular options of precious stone. It is used a lot for jewelry especially jewelry for special occasion such as engagement or wedding. There is no doubt that many people will try to show their love and devotion by using the diamond ring for instance. Engagement must be the first crucial start before people can go to the wedding so people have to consider about the engagement ring carefully. It should be able to express the love properly so they should choose the special ring. Diamond ring of course will be special option but people of course do not want to wear diamond ring which is similar to other people. If they want to get the special diamond ring, black and white diamond engagement ring will be great option which is suitable with their need. People usually will be very familiar with white diamond so they can it can find the ring with white diamond application easily. That is why bringing the black diamond into their ring will enhance the look as well as the uniqueness of the ring.

Black and White Diamond


People can find that there are various offers of white diamond with different shape, cut, and size which is offered in the market. However, if people want to get the ring which has something unique, there is no doubt that the black diamond will be suitable because black diamond basically is pretty rare in the nature. It will have higher price of course than the white diamond because it is rare but we can make sure that they will get the price which provides them with unique and great look. Nevertheless, many people of course will consider about budget very much so choosing black and white diamond engagement ring actually will be great option for adjusting the budget to get diamond ring with great look. People surely do not have to worry about the look because black and white will always be classic yet timeless combination which will make their ring look great. The combination of contrast colors in black and white diamond engagement ring will really make them standout.


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People can combine the diamond with two contrast colors for their engagement ring but they do not have to worry because the diamond combination can be applied on the precious metal with various options including the metal with white or yellow shade. When people choose platinum, silver, white gold, or palladium for their black and white diamond engagement ring, they will reflect the black and white theme more. People can show the warm shades when the black and white diamond is combined with the yellow gold. The setting for the black and white diamond on the engagement ring is varied as well because people can use their personal preference to get the fantastic look. People can choose the claw setting or channel setting for their diamond ring. People of course can also use the black and white diamond with various cuts but brilliant cut will be perfect with emerald or baguette cut as combination.

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