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Amethyst Diamond Ring

Monday, December 16th 2013. | Diamond Ring


An amethyst ring, especially diamond is a kind that quite have a great attention by customer all over the world. As it have already came since the old time, it is well known with its elegance. This ring, even do not appear in many official occasion, and just be used in some simple close events such as in a birthday or valentine day as a gift, but sure it got the place. And how can they make it? This is accepted or not, is affected by its charming color, the violet that gaining the most vote from the customer of diamond jewelry. A violet diamond ring, brought a high impression by remind the customer about the Egyptian and British kingdom era, once it goes on your finger. Amethyst Diamond Ring

Amethyst Diamond Ring


Nowadays, as it is really hard to find a natural colored diamond, so this kind of jewelry will give the most responsibility to the lab made diamond. And by this fact, as i mentioned before, cause a term where this violet ring is not like an official jewlry, but tend to be more lighter like as a gift for a friend. And considering the role as a gift that of course no one wouldn’t want to buy a too pricey gem, then come this way where the jewelers make it not too expensive the diamond to be used here. Though by this fact that this kind of diamond is less in quality, not make it lose the fans, and even make a line of new customer out of there since it become more affordable in price. Amethyst Diamond Ring

Since amethyst diamond ring is a colored diamond ring, and violet got a light accent on it, the using of the band gets quite an important place. I suggest you to use not a plain metal, that will bring more stressing point to the violet itself. In my opinion, a plain metal will just silently be killed and even can not show its charm at all. So better to choose rose or yellow gold for instance. Amethyst Diamond Ring

Amethyst Diamond Ring


As a great craft will always have a weakness in some other point, that is a call for the amethyst diamond rings as well. To make it reflect the charm perfectly, of course it need some care as many jewelry do. The treatment is just going on common things like many other jewelry need. But a big significant treatment is such a no, it tend to be more like how the regular maintenance do. For example to make sure you get it clean from any kind of dirt by gradually cleaning it with the appropriate tools. And also to avoid the using of the jewelry in such a harming occasion, such as playing outside too long in the sunny day as well as in a snowy or rainy weather. And as the most simple thing that most people not paying attention in this is when you go bathing. Its simple, done everyday, but is the most harming. As the colored diamond do not get along really well with its own color, so the any contact with water is a danger. Even at firts it is not affected at all, but you will realize it as soon as the color change. So be wise. Amethyst Diamond Ring

Amethyst Diamond Ring