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Butterfly Diamond Ring

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It can be denied that butterflies are such beautiful creatures that everyone, either female or male, adores. The mix of colours and patterns on their wings give them amazing appearance and that is why butterflies become popular and beloved motif for art and jewellery. From an early age, butterflies are believed to represent beauty and happiness and also bring life and movement to artistic creations. They are also another reason why butterfly-themed accessories and jewellery emerge as fashion favourite every year. Many jewellers put the shape of these gorgeous creatures into many designs and style of ring bands. Butterfly Diamond Ring

Butterfly is not admired and set into ring designs and styles merely for the beauty, but also the symbolic meanings it holds within. Regardless cultures and time, the meanings of butterfly is most commonly associated with the soul. In cultural myth and lore, butterfly is a symbol of transformation, which came from its magnificent metamorphosis from an ugly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. Butterflies are also symbol of spring, since when the spring comes and flowers bloom everywhere, we can see many colourful and different butterflies fly among blooms. Butterfly embodies the beauty of pattern, colour, symmetry and shape. Many agree that butterfly implies freedom, inspiration, openness, rebirth, change, joy, patience, endurance, and happiness.

Butterfly Diamond Ring


Butterfly is a symbol of faith since its metamorphosis represents a big change in life. For this symbol, a butterfly diamond ring will be a great gift for new couple who was just married. When they decided to get married, their life is going through a new transformation. To wear a butterfly diamond ring, it can be a reminder of the change in their relationship and the best and the worst time of it. And because in the transformation the butterfly changes into a beautiful being from an ugly being, hopefully for the new couple who was just married, their life will change better. Butterfly Diamond Ring

Butterfly can survive through many life stages and has many forms before it reaches its adult stage. This has been referred as luck for safety in every stage of life. In some cultures, it is referred as a symbol of undying love. Giving your partner a butterfly diamond ring means giving her a hope that both of you will survive in your relationship whatever may happen. Even in China, two butterflies flying together is a symbol of love and when a butterfly lands on somebody it means that person will be lucky.

Butterfly Diamond Ring


Similar to so many species of butterflies in the world, there are also so many designs and styles can be found for butterfly diamond rings. Many of rings have the metal in the shape of butterflies and several precious diamonds decorate the wings part. Some of them have diamonds cut in the shape of the wings of butterfly. The rings may have one butterfly or several butterflies set together. Like there are many meanings on butterfly diamond ring, wearing a butterfly diamond ring can refer to many things: faith, love, happiness, etc. or just for a fashion style. Butterfly Diamond Ring

Butterfly Diamond Ring

Butterfly Diamond Ring
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