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Custom Diamond Ring Settings

Friday, July 12th 2013. | Diamond Ring


Engagement is one cherish moment in someone’s life. Many couples visit jewellery stores either online or offline in searching for the best engagement ring which can symbolize their love and relationship. You can choose one of enormous pre-set engagement rings available in those stores, however, you can also customize your own engagement ring, in which you have the chance to make the engagement ring more personal and fit your and your partner taste. Nowadays, people can easily customize their engagement ring online without leaving their own house and luckily, this is not only for engagement ring. Do you want to have a diamond ring but cannot find the most desired one among those diamond rings on stores? Maybe it is time for you to consider custom diamond rings. Custom Diamond Ring Settings

Custom Diamond Ring Settings


Customizing a diamond ring is not a difficult task, and is not an easy task as well. In designing the diamond ring, you have a wide range of options to choose from. The first thing you need to accomplish is to make the design and style of the ring based on what you really wanted for the ring. When you have the diamond ring in your mind, you should determine the budget to make it real. The budget is an important factor when you think to customize your own diamond ring since it will help you to choose the features you can afford for your diamond ring.

There are many things you need to consider in custom diamond ring. The metal for the ring can be yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum or titanium. Diamond ring usually comes with platinum or white gold, but if you want a more durable one for your ring, you may have titanium, only it will cost more than others. The ring can be a solitaire diamond ring or one with many smaller diamonds set on it. It can be the modest and simplest one, or the most complicated and elaborated one. That is up your choice and your liking. Custom Diamond Ring Settings

Custom Diamond Ring Settings


Since it is about diamond, you also need to consider the quality of diamond, which is commonly valued by 4C’s (cut, clarity, colour and carat), so that you need knowledge about them. Most of your budget will spend for a good quality diamond instead of the metal and the setting. But if the jeweller you get to customize the diamond ring is a good and professional one, even a diamond with not really good quality will look magnificent and wonderful. If that so, you can save the budget to choose the best metal and setting.

Setting is considered as the most important part of a ring. When you customize your diamond ring, you will be asked the setting you choose from settings available. There are prong, bezel, bar, tension, channel, pave, halo, cluster, invisible, illusion and many others. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages so it will be better if you choose one of them not only for the stunning appearance it will give to your diamond ring but also for the advantages it holds. But, the point in custom diamond ring is to design your own ring as creative as possible. Custom Diamond Ring Settings

Custom Diamond Ring Settings

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