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Design Diamond Ring

Thursday, December 12th 2013. | Diamond Ring


Designing a diamond ring, after you get what ring is it that you actually want, then better you do these things. Design Diamond Ring

Go to the professional jewelrer, or one that you have got your trust on. Can be you yourself have got an experience there, or it is recomended by people you know. Your mother or your close friend can be an option. Then clearly describe what kind of ring, what attributes do you want precisely. About the design you desired, the material to be used as the band where the diamond soon be placed there, of course you do not want your pricey gemstone to be placed randomly in an unworth metal right? And the worst that the diamond can get damaged by the wrong in the metal choosing. Also mention a sure measurement of the metal that you want. For example if you want gold then pick within the yellow, rose or white gold. And as the density choose whether it is 14, 18, or 20 as you wish. Do not forget to ask the jewelrer for a better suggestion. And then the third is choosing the setting, how is it exactly the stone will be held, in which way. for example from the popular setting are the prong, bezel, or floating setting. if you dont have any idea about it, then better you ask and choose carefully as the jewelrer provide you this adavantage. The next step is by telling the jewelrer how far will your budget go, make it clear so that the jewelrer wont forget and just designing beautifully without thinking about your budget position. Giving a limitation is an okay, just to make it safe that you wont be surprised in the future finding your ring in a such nonsense price, out of reach. Back to the ring itself. Mention how big, i mean the size, of the the diamond as the gemstone. The size as a common issue has its range start with 0.5 , 0.75, 1 carat and such more. Even a non exact number is also exist for example 0.99 or 0.65. So be precise. Then pick the grade of the color and clarity. Here i am talking about the standard colorless diamond as the grade known publicly. A bit different if you choose colored diamond that have their own grade of color and clarity, in each color. And the final step  is your ring size, i mean the finger size. Measure it closely, dont let too much space as well as dont be too exact. As a loose ring will fell easily, and a tight ring wont be able to be worn on your finger. Design Diamond Ring

Design Diamond Ring


The last that you need to do is waiting. Not just any waiting, but before that ask to the jewelrer how long will he take to make the ring. As the common standard a common custom ring will just spend around a month, not more. So make sure to have their contat, so that one you find it longer than what they promised, you just need to make a call and ask for a responsibility. Design Diamond Ring

Design Diamond Ring