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Diamond Pave Ring

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Diamond pave ring is one of diamond ring designs which is very distinctive and unique, and it has tiny diamonds packed together tightly and closely on the band ring so that no part of the band is visible. Usually, this setting is made up with small diamonds with same size on the gold or platinum bands. If you are interested to have a diamond pave ring for your own, or choose the design for someone else, you better consider these following things before going to jewellery store purchasing one. Diamond Pave Ring

Diamond Pave Ring


There are very many designs you can choose for a diamond pave ring. The designs and styles can be diamond cathedral, bezel pave setting, halo, antique, channel pave setting, tiffany pave setting and stardust. The pave setting can be full or half full. A benefit from diamond pave ring is that you can get a diamond pave ring at lower price than other setting since small diamonds are not as expensive as bigger diamonds. The price will be higher if the design is very intricate and needs experts to set the whole ring. So that it is recommended for you to set a budget and choose what kind of diamond pave setting you can really afford. Diamond Pave Ring

You need to keep a high maintenance to this design since dirt can accumulate easily in diamond pave ring, diminishing the overall sparkle of the diamonds. You need to clean your diamond pave ring regularly in order to maintain its sparkle. One thing you should know, this design is not for those with very heavy and busy activities, since in diamond pave setting, especially micro-pave, diamonds used are very small, even less than 1 mm, so that the beads holding those diamonds are even smaller, which make any direct hit on the small beads can loosen the grip of diamonds and the chance to have the diamonds falling out is bigger. Diamond Pave Ring

Diamond Pave Ring


Every time you purchase a ring, it is better for you to know your ring size so that the ring will fit perfectly on your finger. In the case you want to buy a pave diamond, your ring size is a must. Diamond pave ring should not be resized either up or down since sizing the diamond pave ring up and down will loosen up the diamonds and they will easily fall out with time. It is because the diamonds are either just pushed into the band or pronged. And you need to know how to choose a good quality diamond pave ring. Diamond pave ring with high quality will have the diamonds placed together closely and almost no metal can be seen. If the diamonds are placed far apart, it is sub standard. Diamond pave ring with a high quality will have the diamonds spaced evenly to create a continuous and harmonious flow, which gives this design beauty and brilliance it is supposed to have. Diamond Pave Ring

It is recommended that you buy diamond pave ring with clarity range I1 or above because if the clarity is not high the fire and brilliance of the ring will be affected. If you want the diamonds set on white gold or platinum, it is better to choose diamonds with colour J and above, since below that, there will be a yellow tint shows on the setting.

Diamond Pave Ring

Diamond Pave Ring
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