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Diamond Ring Band

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013. | Diamond Ring


As the time goes on and the trend flipping like this or that. As the world collapsing and human relationship got really disgusting. A relationship between a man and woman still exist everywhere in each part of this earth. A love relationship. Whether is it pure or comes with many siding intention, it is here, a love relationship. And because it is so important, people try to find a thing, which can well symbolize this warm relation meaning, a hope for a more warm relation in the future. It was then, a band was chosen as the one.  Diamond Ring Band

 Diamond Ring Band


Since a long time ago, a band represent a marriage or engagement relation in the society. And up untill now, this so called tradition still make its appearance in the nowdays relationship. Nothing change for the intention of the making of this band ring. Still full of love, full of hope. Except for this one aspect, that the more time going the more creative and surprising the idea goes along with. Today’s topic about a ring band is how to keep out that “ordinary” feel from a common circling metal to a beautiful craft. And this diamond ring band is one of the answer.  Diamond Ring Band

Those who love diamond, but still respect the importance of a ring band then choose to combine these two terms. A band with diamond on it. To be called as diamond ring band, of course the band itself must get a quite part of the ring, compared to the diamond stone. The diamond then just appear as beauty agent on that band. A few number of tiny diamond or even single diamond is agreeable. To be noted, that the using of diamond in this band can not be set as the usual diamond ring setting. Just to make sure that the diamond existence wont kill the band charisma, so the diamond are placed such as deep inside the band, not too stunning nor floating for even worse.  Diamond Ring Band

 Diamond Ring Band


Some examples of beautiful diamond ring band i have found before are these princess three stone diamond band and the simple cobalt woman diamond ring. The first ring uses a princess cut style to be applied on all of the three diamonds. Even they are just about 0,1 carat weighing in total, but the elegance can not just be easily avoided. As it uses a simple prong setting with a depper placing technique, that make the band look even stronger. Both choices, i am talking about the gold color, are so tolerable. Yellow and white are both beautiful. Now talking about the second ring, that use cobalt matterial as the band. My first impression about this ring, it is so cool. Even only using a single tiny diamond as the accent, but the ring looks so sharming. My point fall for the light line that is made around the diamond. As the diamond cut in round shape, and the designer cleverly add it to the bezel setting. It is just perfectly cool. Here even you will go for a cheaper price since the diamond carat is only about 0,05 in total. Really love it!  Diamond Ring Band

 Diamond Ring Band

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