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Diamond Ring Semi Mounts

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014. | Diamond Ring


Though a diamond actually is a gemstone, and sure it look like a real diamond once the stone appearance come with the shine of the light that reflected through it, for common people, ordinary one like me moreover, its like an odd thing to buy a loose diamond, what for and more worrying point is, how to keep it, since i wont ever buy a huge one, and still even a huge for diamond scale still is that tiny stone that can easily lost. Not like if we buy the jewelry one, that will easily be found and so, as a jewelry, by wearing it is the perfect way to make it safe right. As the additional matter to better not buying a diamond in the loose form, it is sure weird and hard to sell that thing an a common diamond market, i mean those in the jewelry form will be the easiest way boy. Diamond Ring Semi Mounts

Diamond Ring Semi Mounts


However, there is a similar method to that one i mentioned before, about the loose diamond, on buying a diamond ring. It is the semi mount diamond ring. A way provided for those who do not really get the feel to take one of the ring that sold by the jewelry shops. They who choose this semi mount diamond ring, is kinda careful person who want to make sure about the stone, every attribute that come with it, perfectly proper. Such as to make sure about the color or clarity untill they really get in certain point where they sure enough to bring it home. Diamond Ring Semi Mounts

Or simply, its like choosing a ring in a way the setting and the stone that gonna be hold on it, separately, not the set one, that already been decided by the designer and can not be analyzed for furthermore. So before make an exact step to buy this ring, here are some important matter that oftenly need to be considered, as what many people in the same position had felt it. Choosing the setting, of course including the metal as the band, is like a concern here except for the diamond stone itself. Pick one that precisely match your type, match your desire. Whether it is gold or platinum, whether it is a yellow gold or white one. Diamond Ring Semi Mounts

Diamond Ring Semi Mounts


Well actually the next step is as important as the first one, like i have said before, its about the diamond itself. So by this point, you can actually choose the diamond first as well as the setting matter first, which one do you think is more urgent, that is the way you go. Or rather than that, maybe you have already dreamt about a certain diamond stone in your imagination. A certain shape in a precise cut and clarity, with the exact color, of course if you decide to buy the fancy colored one,  then you can make it done first. And for the other matter, you can just make it in a line, or if you willing to make extra effort, then ask for some suggestion to a designer, which setting will best match to the diamond that previously you have picked, or which diaond shape , well i dare to say it is going for the standard colorless diamond one, if you really love a certain setting before.

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