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Five Stone Diamond Ring Settings

Monday, July 15th 2013. | Diamond Ring


Five stone diamond ring is a new trend of a diamond ring design which is popular and desired today. If you are a person who likes to wear up to date things, you may want this setting where five diamonds stone attached on a single band. It will make a lovely gift for someone precious for you as well. Diamond is considered as the most precious stone ever and it can make the wearer is proud of the jewellery. Just imagine that instead wearing and having a solitaire diamond ring with a large stone, we can have five diamonds in a ring. It will not only give more ‘pride’ but also more stunning and wonderful ring in our finger. Five Stone Diamond Ring Settings

Five Stone Diamond Ring Settings


In fact, we will need to pay more attention when we want to purchase a ring like a five stone diamond ring. The attention is needed since a five stone diamond ring will not cheap at all. For that reason, you may not want to make any mistake on choosing a five stone diamond ring in order to not wasting much money on worthless item. Some people may give you an advice not to depend on brand too much but it is important and recommended to purchase this special setting which have well known brand. There are many reasons why brand is important here. The first one is that since it is a well known brand, the material used for the ring will be guaranteed good materials and even best materials. Moreover, the ring will be made by professional jewellery designer which makes the ring we purchase looks worthy. However, obviously jewellery which is sold under a well known brand will cost more expensive. Five Stone Diamond Ring Settings

Since the ring has five diamonds on it, you should never forget the 4C’s. It is recommended to choose five diamonds with the same quality of cut, colour, clarity and carat in order to make the ring looks perfect in balance and fairly same in the whole appearance. You can select the shape of the diamonds for the five stone diamond ring. Round brilliant is the popular shape for this setting, since it has 58 facets which reflect light in its maximum brilliance. Princess cut diamonds which have square shape also match perfectly in multiple diamonds such as five stone diamond ring. Emerald shaped and oval shaped diamond will be nice as well, since they can perfectly complement the design of five stone diamond ring.

Five Stone Diamond Ring Settings

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Another important thing you should consider when you want to buy a five stone diamond ring is the setting which will highlight the five diamonds. The popular settings for this design are prong, channel, and bar setting. It is advised to choose the five diamonds which are not too big so that the diamonds will not cover the ring more than the top part of it, which is the part that will be viewed by others. Anyway, the larger a diamond, the rare it is, so that the less the chance you have to get big five diamonds with exact same shape. Five Stone Diamond Ring Settings

Five Stone Diamond Ring Settings

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