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Horseshoe Diamond Ring

Monday, December 9th 2013. | Diamond Ring


A diamond ring to be called as a horseshoe actually processing about how the appearance from the above looks like a horseshoe shape. And more if we talk about the setting, it may be vary depend on what the customer want. A channel or pave setting will match so well and are the most common setting that is used to support ths shape. And if you are a lover of single diamond, then it is such an impossible to apply it on the ring. The shape of horseshoe itself, for you who have not seen it yet is actually the same as how the letter U formed. The difference is just on the top side, while the U letter keep both of its top still straight in the place, the horseshoe make them a bit bended to the inside of the body. Horseshoe Diamond Ring

Horseshoe Diamond Ring


Just do not get a wrong perception about this diamond, that quite get a popularity some decades ago. The punch jones diamond also called as the horseshoe diamond, was an alluvial diamond found at late 1920’s. And what made it called as horseshoe diamond, was not because the shape that represent that shape of shoe worn by a horse, but because the founder was actually work in this kind of place, in the horse livestock or kind of place near the horserace area. An exactly the time when this diamond was found, was when the founder in a process of pitching horseshoe. Not like mining the earth and then found the mineral by it, it was exactly like the found word means, which was founding a box like cigar’s that had a big alluvial diamond inside of it. And the diamond itself was predicted weighing around 34 carat, declared as the biggest alluvial diamond ever that make it into such a shocking fact that related to horseshoe thing. Horseshoe Diamond Ring

Horseshoe Diamond Ring


Now go back to the actual horseshoe shape applied on the diamond ring. This kind of shape, in fact is hard to be found ecept you are ordering it especially from a designer alone. As this term is not well known in all of region in this world, that make it not that popular than many other popular design. It was well known in western area actually. And as the addition point to make it even harder to find this kind of design is the shape that not so ordinary to be applied on a diamond ring. Not like common diamond engagement ring that get many simple design and universal enough to be made in many different country, this horseshoe diamond ring hardly impossible to be made in a common jewelry store and stored in a window shopping of theirs. Horseshoe Diamond Ring

Though by these facts, there still exist couple who choose this kind of design to be their engagement and wedding ring, of course in western area. People there consider this shape as a hope ring, that will bring a good luck into their marriage life and can safe their love line until the time itself separate them. Horseshoe Diamond Ring

Horseshoe Diamond Ring

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