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How to Make Your Princess Cut Diamond Ring Look Bigger

Saturday, April 5th 2014. | Diamond Ring

Buying a diamond ring seems to be daily habit for everyone. Princess cut diamond ring is being the most favorite diamond ring that is bought by people. It has a unique look so it looks eye catching on the fingers. When you have purchased the princess cut diamond ring, there are some ways to make it look bigger and larger than before. You definitely need a low-cost process of making bigger the diamond. It is about princess cut diamond ring settings. There are some simple tricks that make your diamond bigger effectively. Are you curious how to make it happen?


Adding Side Stones


A princess cut diamond ring can be added three stones. It becomes a very classic style recently. Those three stones could represent in the past, now and future. With adding two small princesses cut stones on the left and right of the ring, it makes the overall look of diamond look bigger. This thing needs a detailed focus to see an interesting princess cut diamond ring. It is often called as princess cut diamond ring settings.

Combining the Diamond in White Gold

There are many people claimed that color setting will never change the size of diamond. But, most of the people believe that diamond with a white gold combination makes it looks bigger. It is because the setting of the white color involves no color to the diamond. It is being the princess cut diamond ring settings to create a bigger look of the diamond. When it combines gold, it makes it look smaller. That is way a yellow diamond ring look small and not good.

Following Paved Road of the Princess Cut Diamond Ring

It is good to consider the style of princess cut diamond ring with applying some small stones, not a big stone. It is well known as pave setting in which small diamond stones are set in tiny holes properly. It gives the diamond offer a bigger look and small stones get more illusions to reflect light from the diamond.

Giving Perfect Illusion to the Princess Cut Diamond Ring

To make your princess cut diamond ring look in bigger size, you can apply princess cut diamond ring settings. It is good to choose the illusion setting to your diamond ring. It is a great method in which gemstones are mounted on the mirror-type plate before setting the gemstones to the band of the ring. Mirror-type plates reflect more light that makes a setting look shiny and sparkling. If you got difficulties to set this illusion, you can go to diamond jewelry shop to ask for help in setting your princess cut diamond ring properly.

Having a Clean Diamond Ring

A clean diamond ring determines how big your diamond look is. A dirty princess cut diamond ring occurs to shrink and small. If you do not clean your jewelry especially diamond ring, you do not deserve to own it. When the diamond ring looks dark and dirty, it looks very small, dull and bad to see and even to wear. The easiest and wisest thing to do is cleaning your diamond ring. It is good to wash and clean your diamond every day. To clean it, you can use hot water, dish soap and ammonia. But, you have to clean and remove the dust on the diamond with old toothbrush. When you did it regularly, your diamond ring looks bigger, larger and brighter.

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