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Micro Pave Diamond

Friday, December 13th 2013. | Diamond Ring


The word pave as you have known is arranging some things tidily in some certain rows to then can make a surface by these. While the micro pave term, still in the previous meaning, make some lines of arranged things, in a neat form, as the difference is just about the size. The block size that getting smaller causing the row to be more in amount. Really, in smaller size so that even can be called micro. The area yield by this rows, is neatly filled with the blocks, so that no more space can be seen directly. And here we are discussing about diamond, so the block in this term means the diamond. Micro Pave Diamond

Micro Pave Diamond


The diamonds used in this setting may be vary in term of size, but still not exceed the millimeter unit. The difference just slightly that even can not be detected by your bare eyes, it is approximately still below one millimeter. If you really want to know how big is the diamond, each unit, that used in this micro pave setting, then in carat it can be said as big as 0.005 ct and as i said before, hardly exceed the number of 0.01 carat. By this accuracy, many jeweler then make this chance to transform the surface into a certain shape, a form that can be seen from the above. For instance a or two rows of micro pave diamonds is the most common, but there also exist many modification forming such a beautiful shape like a heart, flower, or other simple shape, but sure make the diamond blingy enough to be seen by your friend. Micro Pave Diamond

Pave diamond setting in fact still can not get enough attention by the customer, moreover they who look for the engagement ring. It considered as a setting that too alternative because of its appearance that look so heavy that all of the band surface is covered by the diamonds. And some who do not really understand got scared to buy a diamond ring in this setting assume that this ring will cost so much. While the fact if we add all of the tiny stone, it can even be less in weight if you compare with a big single stone diamond ring. And having these common mindset, the customer who bought this kind of ring mostly are those who love a creativity and not in the situation to buy an engagement ring. I mean they buy it just for fashion and accessories to be worn matching the dress they have got. At the same time they must be brave enough to be a stunning person as well as the diamond ring once they wear it out of there. Micro Pave Diamond

Micro Pave Diamond


Just as additional info, but need your extra attention if finally you decide to buy this micro pave setting diamond ring, is to make sure you can bring it back to the jeweler to get a routine check. As the diamond in this setting is so small as well as the prong setting that hold it, make it easy to be fallen even with a slight of un accurate examination. Micro Pave Diamond

Micro Pave Diamond