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Opal and Diamond Ring

Friday, November 22nd 2013. | Diamond Ring


This word “opal” may so rare to be heard in a common society, and actually it is also the first time for me to find this word before i start to write this article. It is such a gemstone which has a really unique pattern on it, not like any other gemstone which only have an exact color represent the natural aura, this opal stone is different. Before that, i will tell you how come this kind of gemstone hardly found in any ordinary circumstance. From what i have learnt, this gemstone only come from the area of Australia, that is what the knowledge spreading in public forum. Some region of Australia especially has each own product of opal stone, as the opal itself has some different kinds. Such as New South Wales with its black opal, and then the Queensland come with the boulder opal, and the other popular term is the area in South Australia which mainly produce the crystal opal and milk/white opal. Opal and Diamond Ring

Opal and Diamond Ring


Opal, for me the appearance itself is so like the view of the earth, if you ever look it from some kind of space plane or a better opinion is enough from looking it through the photos taken by a satellite. With a domination of blue, just like the earth that consits of water on the biggest part as compared to the land which so small in percentage. Once the earth is cloudy then that is how the white/milk opal looks like. Besides the tendency of the blue on this stone, there are also some other colors which colorize the stone for even become more charming gemstone, such as yellow, green, or orange. Once again, it is so similar to the earth’ color. That is why the trend of people knowing and starting to choose this gemstone as a jewelry become more and more each time. Opal and Diamond Ring

There is also the alterrnative to combine this gemstone with another pricey gemstone, it is no other else than the diamond. Maybe for some people using only an opal to be placed in a band for a ring is considered too plain. And so following this choice their afraid will be solved. As the opal gemstone has some gorgeous kinds as i mentioned before, the choices will be so varied. But because the opal color is already so stunning, it is  wise decision to choose the common white diamond as the side stone, so that your ring will not clumsily expenxive, sure an expensive craft but poor in color combination, so rather than gaining some people attention it will make the ring looks too much. Opal and Diamond Ring

Opal and Diamond Ring


As the most common way is by setting the opal as the center stone, and with a common oval shape, then the side stones diamonds go around it, a full round, so it become a sunflower shape, such a feminine ring would be exist right? And the other design that i like is by setting it in a channel. Even the diamond can not enough stunning, but by placing it in the center will keep its statue as a pricey gemstone. And of course the opal itself will never loss its magnificence. Opal and Diamond Ring

Opal and Diamond Ring

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