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Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013. | Diamond Ring


When you are ready to propose your girlfriend and in a process of searching the best engagement ring, maybe you want to try to look at princess diamond engagement ring. Princess diamond, which is actually square brilliant diamond with sharp or uncropped corners, is one of the most popular diamond shapes which is desired as engagement rings nowadays. Moreover, it is placed in second place most popular diamond shape desired after round brilliant diamond. Princess diamond was also developed to fulfil the desire for a square shaped diamond with more fire and brilliance than the traditional emerald and square diamond. So, if you or your girlfriend wants something different from the traditional round diamond shape, princess diamond engagement ring may be the right choice. Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring


The history of princess diamond dates back about thirty years. Originally, it was developed in the 1970’s and patented as Quadrillion diamond. The shape was welcomed by public because of its clean and modern lines and also by diamond cutters since it has the highest yield from the diamond rough. Princess diamond has about 76 facets and referred to as a square modified brilliant diamond on grading certificates and lab reports. The styles of engagement ring which fit princess diamond are solitaire setting or a mounting with side or accent stones. For side and accent stones, trillions and smaller princess diamond are popular choices. Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

When shopping for princess diamond engagement ring, you need to choose a setting which will protect the corners of your princess diamond since the corners of the princess diamond are the most susceptible to chips. Not only that, you need to pay much attention on choosing the princess diamond, especially in 4C’s (Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat).

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring



When it comes to colour, you need to be more careful with a princess diamond than you should be with a round brilliant diamond. Both of them are brilliant diamond shape, indeed, so that they are good in chopping up the light to make the true colour of the rough stone is difficut to be seen. However, since the light return on both of them is superior, it will be better to keep the true colour of your princess diamond a secret. That is why, it will be better to pick an H or I colour for your princess diamond.


Princess diamond, like round brilliant diamond, is a decent hider of inclusions. However, unlike the round diamond, princess diamond has a serious issue of durability. Princess diamond has four sharp corners, which makes it prone for chipping. If there are inclusions or flaws in one of the four corners of the princess diamond, the inclusions or flaws can be covered with prongs – also to protect it for chipping, or the chance to have the princess diamond chipping is higher. SI2 or I1 are confirmed to be eye-clean for round diamond, but princess diamond with this grade is a bit harder since princess diamond is so few and far between. It is recommended to choose VS2 or SI1, though. Princess Diamond Engagement Ring


The trickiest part in buying the best princess diamond is choosing the best cut. GIA will grade princess diamond Polish and Symmetry only. Unlike round diamond, there is no parameter to make up the perfect princess diamond. Unlike round diamond, princess diamond can minimize the diamond loss when cut from the rough diamond. So, if a piece of a rough diamond happens to be shaped like a well proportioned princess diamond, it will be one, and if it happens to be shaped like a not well proportioned princess diamond, it will be one as well, unfortunately. That is why there is no any specific standard for cut for this shape.

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
Princess Diamond Engagement Ring
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