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Sapphire Diamond Rings

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Sapphire is one of the perfect accompaniments to diamonds in engagement rings for centuries. Thanks to beautiful and rich colour of blue sapphire, the affordability, and the royal endorsements, sapphire continue to be a popular choice to be set on a band along with diamond. Commonly, it is blue sapphire which is chosen to accompany white diamond in engagement ring, giving the ring a royal appearance. However, like diamond, sapphire can come with many different colours to choose, thus, you can pick another to set with the diamond. Even so diamond comes in many different colours as well, when it is accompanied by other precious or semi-precious gemstones, it is always white or colourless diamond. Thus, the white colour of diamond will give a contrast appearance with other colours of sapphire. Sapphire Diamond Rings

Sapphire Diamond Rings


Like diamond, the quality and value of sapphire is also determined by 4C’s: carat, cut, clarity and colour. If you are interested to have a sapphire diamond ring, it is like killing two birds with one stone. You need only to learn about the four aspects in order to choose the god quality diamond and sapphire. However, you need to remember that sapphire is also a precious gemstone like diamond, and so, when you set the two stones on a ring, you should expect to save much money to afford it. Still, setting a budget is a must. Sapphire Diamond Rings

Diamond and sapphire are measured by weight in carats. The higher the carat sizes, the more expensive the price is. Most of diamonds and sapphires have tiny flaws called inclusions inside; some are visible to the naked eye, while some are not. And like diamond, inclusions on sapphire give it its own unique fingerprint. However, inclusions which can be seen by naked eyes can affect the brilliance and durability of both diamond and sapphire. Moreover, even though sapphire is categorized as hard stone, the hardness is still lower than diamond’s, which means, you need to choose sapphire with higher clarity than the diamond, since if the diamond and the sapphire has the same clarity value, the sapphire will be more vulnerable. Sapphire Diamond Rings

Sapphire Diamond Rings


The cut of a diamond and a sapphire determines how well they will reflect the light entering them to show their fire and brilliance. Choose the ones with good cut to make them shine their best. Diamond is very popular stone which is believed has the most sparkle and shine among all other gemstones. Thus, it is recommended to have sapphire with a really good cut if the diamond you choose is also a good cut one to avoid the fire and brilliance of the sapphire is covered by the fire and brilliance of the diamond. Shapes of diamond and sapphire also come in many varieties, from traditional round to heart, emerald, pear and many mores.

For sapphire, colour is considered as the most important factor in determining its value, it is even considered more important than its clarity. Highly saturated medium or medium dark tones sapphires are the best. Sapphire which is too dark or too light is worth less.

Sapphire Diamond Rings

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