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Two Diamond Ring Settings

Friday, July 19th 2013. | Diamond Ring


Have you ever consider having a diamond ring with a unique and different design yet beautiful and delicate? Or have you ever considered that a ring is better with more than a diamond set onto? Well, you are not alone. An Israel-based diamond and jewellery group named The Waldman Diamond Company thinks that two stones are better than one for an engagement ring. That is why they created the Reflexions patented design concept for engagement rings, where they set two stones instead of one onto an engagement ring, which positions one stone above the other. Two Diamond Ring Settings

Two Diamond Ring Settings

It is said that using a solitaire diamond for an engagement ring does not evoke a feeling of love and harmony. The engagement ring should be a symbol of togetherness and symbol of participation of two people who are in love with each other. By setting two diamonds in one ring we reflect the two partners in one union and so that the engagement ring becomes a reflection of two hearts. After all, love is the reflection of what the heart feels. Two Diamond Ring Settings

Those who already feel bored with plain engagement ring may choose this two diamond ring settings as their engagement rings. This is such an awesome design. Since the ring has two diamonds, the colour of those stones can be different from each other, therefore, we get two tone diamond rings with two colours set together to create a beautiful diamond ring ever. Any shape of diamonds available will be fine, from those standard shapes until fancy and elaborated shapes. Just do not try to have two diamonds with two different shapes set together. After all, the two diamonds on the ring represents the togetherness, so the same shapes of the diamonds will be good.

Two Diamond Ring Settings


If you are interested in purchasing one of two diamond rings, either for yourselves or your beloved ones, you need to consider several things before. The first one is the diamonds themselves. You need to learn the basic knowledge about diamonds, such as the 4C’s (cut, clarity, colour and carat) which determines the quality and the price of the diamonds you choose. It will be better if you can have two diamonds with exact quality and feature so that the two diamonds ring will look in balance. Cut is the most important aspect from a diamond, since a diamond with a poor cut will ruin the whole appearance of the diamonds on the ring. Try to choose diamonds which are symmetrical. Two Diamond Ring Settings

You can play with colours of diamonds for your two diamond ring. There are many different colours of diamonds, so that you can choose which ones you like the best. If the diamonds you choose do not have any inclusions and flaws visible with naked eye, then they have good clarity. Do not bother yourself to choose the bigger carat size, since the bigger the carat is, the bigger the diamond tends to, and the more expensive the diamond will be. Anyway, the bigger the stone, the less the chance you have two diamonds with exact size and shape.

Metal used for the ring should be considered as well. Diamond, especially coloured ones, will look better on white gold, platinum or silver, since yellow gold may distract the beauty of the diamond’s colour. But you need consider as well that some metals are more expensive than others, but have better features.

Two Diamond Ring Settings

Two Diamond Ring Settings
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