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Antique Diamond Ring Setting

Tuesday, December 24th 2013. | Diamond, Diamond Ring


Antique ring of course remind us about the old time. So that by any chance, its become a public assumption that a ring to be called as an antique ring need to exceed at least 50 years experience. While the word vintage, if you got confused by the meaning, its the same with the antique ring, in the term of appearance. So it means, a vintage ring looks old, just by the appearance, not physically. It is just made from the first time, to be like an old ring, or comin from another age. This kind of ring of course got its own fans, who think that this ring is different and deserves the title. And there are these points that mainly play the role as the decoy, as to get people heart. Antique Diamond Ring Setting

Antique Diamond Ring Setting


The first one is about its center stone, that mostly apply a unique diamond on it. Not like todays taste that have a linear flow, an antique engagement ring have more variant on how the stone should be formed. For example these days, people perception about a diamond engagement ring is all about the solitaire cut. That is not occured in the antique ring which will use a more brave way to choose a different cutting style, of course with its own trend at that time. The next point, is that the antique ring, has an era where people who love big diamond as the stone, come tolerablely. Its around the 1930s or 40s. Once you get the right ring about the proper design at that era, and there you can choose any ring with big diamond by no worry about its way on matching the setting, because a ring at that time have got the beautiful way on applying a big stone. Antique Diamond Ring Setting

Antique Diamond Ring Setting


And here we come to the most important point, that many people got confused about, and hard to make it, even many are fooled to buy a common todays ring, physically, that looks an antique ring. It is about where can one buy this antique diamond ring. This kind of ring can be found at some certain places, such as antique jewelry stores, jewelers, and pawn shops. But before throwing your choice and giving your money, i suggest anyone to make sure they got the knowledge by an experienced jewelers. In this situation, the jewelers will give you some basic knowledge, and ways to detect whether a ring is actually antique or made to look like an antique one. And also, sometimes, jewelers alone can get you one if you ask them. They might get the line where they found you a great antique ring using their relation on the experience of the diamond jeweler world. And the last is to make sure you got the formal information letter about the diamond ring. Though a ring came from that era wont have an actual sertificate like how diamond rings from this era work. But you can get another paper that tells about the attributes of the ring. About the size, setting, year and such other. It comes from the jeweler actually, where they make it so that people can get a clear assumption. So in this term, make sure you find a right jeweler, the reputable one. Antique Diamond Ring Setting

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