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Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring

Friday, December 27th 2013. | Diamond, Diamond Ring


Aquamarine as the name itself is already a beauty, it gives much more than just a common beauty, such a perfect choice, one of the best gems worth so much to be used in an engagement ring.  Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring

Here are some points i would tell you specifically, all term on positive side of the aquamarine stone, so that you wont have any doubt while choosing to use it on your special ring, the engagement ring. The first thing, it is strongly sustainable. As experts have said, and many customer speak their mind out about this stone, it realy does not need any special caring, just like usual gemstone that should be cared routinely to keep its quality, and even less for this stone, as it is quite a resistant stone that is comfy with the term daily wearing. As well as the physical appearance, such as a high clarity and high transparency, that wont get any worse as the less caring process.

Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring


The next aspect, is about its price range. While the diamond gets quite various price range, which can afford customer desire to buy the stone in many different price fit on their financial ability, this goes as well for the aquamarine stone. The different is just about the starting point, where the diamond start from a higher base. This aquamarine stone can even be bought from under $ 500. This can not be happened if you choose diamond as your only gemstone in your engagement ring, that the stone itself in the official term, graded by the right agent, will at least cost $ 750 to $ 1000. It is again, is the range where the smallest single stone diamond be placed. Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring

The third point, after we go with the durability and the price aspects, here we analyze the appearance of the aquamarine. As it will be worn as a jewelry, combined with the precious diamond to be applied in a ring, of course appearance is a crucial matter. Being paired with the classy diamond, this aquamarine wont regret you as it got the unique accent with it. It even defeat the popularity of the other alternative gemstone, such as sapphire, emerald and or even the elegant ruby ?to be used in an ?engagement rings. Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring

Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring


The last aspect that quite make a significant impression for the customer, that make this stone is easily acknowledged once it is displayed on the shopping window, is about the size. It is big. At the same time, it has the perfect index to refract the light that going through this stone, an index that goes below the ruby or sapphire stone, and almost similar with the emerald one. Goes in the same line with this last aspects, which is the cutting technique, wont give many impact toward the price, not like the diamond one. So its again, relieving for the budget. With its wonderful natural color, the dark blue, that combined evenly with the diamond, is such a great choice to not have a too expensive ring, since the aquamarine as i have explained before, realy is a tolerable gemstone for every aspects it has. Aquamarine Diamond Engagement Ring