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Canary Diamond Engagement Ring

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Any precious gemstones in the world can look fantastic in the right setting, however, only diamond is one hundred percents suited for engagement rings. A canary diamond engagement ring is the best way to have a different but still traditional engagement ring. Diamonds come in many different colours: pink, yellow, black, green, blue and just about any other colours you can think of. Canary diamond, which is known also as yellow diamond or fancy diamond is one of the most popular options in the diamond markets. Canary Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond is naturally formed in billions of years deep beneath the surface of the earth when immense pressure and high heat are applied to carbon. Sometimes, an anomaly will occur in the process where foreign elements such as nitrogen or boron interact with the carbon. Sometimes the pressure applied is really unusually high pressure. These conditions cause the diamonds have rare and dazzling colours.

Canary Diamond Engagement Ring


Canary diamond engagement ring will be a great option for men to give to their brides-to-be. The canary diamond, unlike other rare colours diamonds, is common enough so that it is affordable for more people, but rare enough that you will not see it every day on women’s fingers. Not only that, a canary diamond engagement ring is chosen because of its symbolism. Generally, diamond represents relationship clarity, strength and abundance. But a canary diamond adds another important meaning: hope. Canary Diamond Engagement Ring

Canary diamond engagement ring also comes in many different shades from light yellow until deep and vividly yellow. They include brownish yellow (which is the least expensive) and orange yellow or greenish yellow (which is most expensive). Canary diamond is preferred as the truest bright and lemony yellow diamond.  It will be up to your taste to choose one.

If you have decided on having a canary diamond engagement ring, there are several things to consider. Loose light yellow diamond will cost approximately the same as white diamond with grade colour J when compared to colourless grading scale. The more intense and deeper the colour and the more saturated a canary diamond is, the more the price will be. It is better not to choose yellow gold as the metal for a canary diamond engagement ring, since the colour of the canary diamond will compete and blend with the yellow gold, making it difficult to highlight the canary diamond. It is recommended to have white gold or platinum as the metal of a canary diamond engagement ring since they provide a contrast which will accentuate the beautiful colour of the canary diamond.

Canary Diamond Engagement Ring


To make a canary diamond stands out; a solitaire setting will be the fantastic way. Some of fancy solitaires will have a halo of white or colourless diamonds surrounding the canary diamond or tapered white or colourless diamonds on both sides of the centre. The point in choosing the right setting for the canary diamond is choosing the setting which allows the most light possible to add more sparkle to the diamond. Low or deep set diamonds are not recommended since they can take away from the canary diamond and cannot reflect as much light. Canary diamond is also often set with two white or colourless diamonds to create a stunning three stone ring. Canary Diamond Engagement Ring

Canary Diamond Engagement Ring

Canary Diamond Engagement Ring
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