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Chocolate diamond engagement ring

Tuesday, August 20th 2013. | Diamond, Diamond Ring


Chocolate diamond actually is just a marketing name for a dark brown diamond, its been well known. This name was invented by a jeweller company to make this un-well recognized color to be a popular kind of diamond which is in the future targeted to have a kind of certain fans. But who knows, that actually this color by some considerations can’t be said as a real color. A brown color in a diamond turns out from a white diamond that doesnt have a great clarity. It is started from yellow to dark brown depends on the density of the “pollutant” agent that contained on it. But these facts can’t stop the creativity of the jewelrer companies to sell these kind of diamonds. Each of color state been named especially, so that it is easy for customer to remember it. Like many others standard diamond, they also design these diamonds into many gorgeous cut and jewelry setting. By this way, there comes a bunch of customer who get the right feel toward this diamond. Chocolate diamond engagement ring

Chocolate diamond engagement ring


A ring studded by chocolate diamond mostly found as non daily-wear jewelry in some diamond shops. Or we can say as an accessory only. But these days, some people get bored with the traditional way of choosing their engagement ring in white diamond, and looking for another alternative. They are showing the desire of having a unique and personal style engagement ring that reflected the bride’s characteristic. In this situation, chocolate diamond begins its journey one step higher, as the ethernal gemstone to be worn by a bride in her entire life. Chocolate diamond engagement ring

Chocolate diamond engagement ring


However there many opinions that againts the using of chocolate diamond as the engagement ring out of there. Whether they think that its passing the sacred tradition or just because its kinda “cheap” compared to the other diamond that not appropriate to be set as the important engagement ring. What a weak argument i can say. The sacred tradition of engagement rign is to use a single white diamond settled in a common gold or platinum metal. Or even there any different choice is just paired two tiny diamonds with a bigger white diamond in the center, formed a three stones diamond engagement ring. Thats just too common right, moreover if you have a unique taste i brave to guarantee it will be too “boring” to wear in your entire household life. So dont be afraid and choose chocolate diamond bravely. And now about the price. Yup chocolate diamond is kinda cheap if you compare it with the other standard diamond or even with the rare colored dimond, such as red and blue. Then what? They say its a disadvantage? What a nonsense! It is become a more great point to choose chocolate diamond. You can save that thousands or even millions buck in your account to make your life. To rent or even buy a proper house for your family. Isn’t it better to have a strong pondation financial, a comfort household situation and still you get your lovely chocolate engagement ring. So good luck! Chocolate diamond engagement ring

Chocolate diamond engagement ring

Chocolate diamond engagement ring
Chocolate diamond engagement ring

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