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Colored Diamond Ring

Friday, January 17th 2014. | Diamond, Diamond Ring


Let us discuss the term of colored diamond from another perspective, not such from the jewelry industry as always, but today i want to share abot the value or precisely, about the position where this stone cand stand in the title of an investment. Well the principle of a thing can be used as an investment is of course about its power to hold the value. I mean, if you have spent so much to buy this thing then make sure it wont only keep your money safe but sure will make its value even higher as time goes by, and even become a hit as the right time comes. Here the fancy colored diamond starting its point into this area. Colored Diamond Ring

Colored Diamond Ring


As the proof is the journey of the colored diamond trading in the market. More than a decade ago, in the early of 200 a fancy colored diamond, let say the pink one that “easy ” enough to find, not to think about the other strong option for the rarer color, was already reaching 30 thousands dollars for only  half carat. And then take a look at the record for the same stone in five years from that point, the diamond was priced at around 50 thousands dollars. And as the shocking fact, this stone, still in the same range at size and color, can reach the price at 140 thousands dollars, and can be more of course. Its actually not today` price, but as we have already step in this 2014, then its the price of last year trading. And thats why, this kind of diamond, the fancy colored diamond, whether the pink or barely the other rarer color, wont be sold at any random place to any random people. It is like a must to have an auction to sell this diamond, as it is getting harder to get it. And don’t dare to look it in the common jewelry store at your neighbourhood, or if that happens, then you positively have to doubt that store’s integrity. Colored Diamond Ring

Then now, lets move on to the actual matter that we gonna discuss today, the colored diamond ring. As i have said before that this kind of diamond become a real big investment as some recent years proven by the increase of the price in each certain years, as well as for the jewelry, in this case the diamond ring, will go for no kidding. The price is so, oh, annoying. But well, it sure deserve the state. Colored Diamond Ring

Colored Diamond Ring


For example, a marquise diamond ring, using pink diamond certified of course from the GIA, weighing approximately 3,1 carat be priced at a million and 50 thousands dollars. Yup, a million for a single small ring. Even 3 carat diamond from the diamond scale can be said as ahuge stone, but it is sure much much smaller to be compared with a house and all of its stuff right, and sure with those amount you can get that house. I can’t even imagine that thing to be on my finger, even if i got the lottery in the amount that is able to afford the price, nor i will buy it, never. Lol. Colored Diamond Ring

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