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Design Your Own Diamond Ring

Thursday, July 4th 2013. | Diamond


There are many designs and styles of diamond rings available in many jewellery stores either online or offline. Somehow, no matter how enormous the choices you can choose, you may not find the best one you prefer. In that case, you can try to design your own diamond ring. It can be done either online or offline and it is not difficult if you really know how to do it. Here are some things you need to know before deciding to design your own diamond ring Design Your Own Diamond Ring

Of course, the first step you need to do when you design your own diamond ring is to choose your diamond. When dealing with diamond, you need to know the 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat) since the quality and the price of a diamond is basically measured by this 4C’s. The first one is cut. Cut determines the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. If the diamond has a good cut, it will maximize the reflection of light hitting it. A good cut not only leads to maximum brilliance of a diamond, but also makes a diamond looks larger than it is. The second one is clarity. No diamond is free from inclusions. But some inclusions are invisible with naked eye, that is, the standard good clarity of a diamond. Moreover, some people look the inclusions as additional ‘ornament’ of a diamond, especially those with fancy colour.

Design Your Own Diamond Ring


There are many colours of diamonds available. Normally, the colour of diamond is measured from yellow to colourless. The nearer the colour of diamond to colourless, the more precious the diamond is. However, there are some fancy colours of diamonds, which, since some of them are rarer than white diamonds, become more precious and more expensive than white diamonds. These fancy colours are like black, blue, canary, champagne, pink and so on. Then the last one is carat, a measurement of the weight of a diamond. Carat doesn’t always determine the size of a diamond, but indeed, the bigger the carat size, the bigger the diamond tends to. Cut and proportion of the diamond also play important role in determining the size of a diamond. The bigger the carat is, the more expensive the diamond is. But you need to consider that bigger isn’t always good. So, in deciding your diamond, you need to be careful and make sure the diamond you choose have the good qualities of the 4C’s. Design Your Own Diamond Ring

The next thing you need to decide is the setting for the ring. There are many setting you can choose: prong, bar, bezel, pave, three-stone, cluster, solitaire and others, and by looking at ring collection in the jewellery stores, you can find out by yourself what setting suits you well. The important thing is, the setting will also suit the diamond you choose, and altogether, they make a gorgeous ring. You cannot forget the metal for your setting as well. Not all the metals available will suit your diamond. For example, some of coloured diamonds like pink or champagne will look better in platinum or white gold, while canary diamond will not look very good with yellow gold. Design Your Own Diamond Ring

Design Your Own Diamond Ring

Obviously, the thing which makes it special in designing your own diamond ring is the freedom you have to add personal touch on the ring. It can be in the form of engraving, decorating, and many others as creative as you are. You do not need to be someone with a talent in designing to do this. Everybody can do this actually. It only depends on your creativity, and more importantly, your budget as well.

Design Your Own Diamond Ring

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