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Diamond Cocktail Ring Settings

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Cocktail rings are commonly rings which feature a large precious gemstone which is at least 3 carats in weight surrounded with smaller precious gemstones. Diamond cocktail ring is not only a ring with 3 carat diamond but it can be also used to address a combination of a variety of diamond shapes and styles which creates lovely organic forms or striking geometric designs. It is named as cocktail ring, or also known as dinner ring for the occasions the ring is worn. As we know, dressy dinners and cocktail parties need bold accessories with extra sparkles. Cocktail ring is not designed for every day wear so that it may have extra tall or wide setting and can occupy the entire first knuckle of the finger wearing it. Diamond Cocktail Ring Settings

Diamond Cocktail Ring Settings


When shopping for a diamond cocktail ring, the quality of diamonds set in the ring really matters and the setting can be more ornate. To find the right diamond cocktail ring, you need to know these several things. Obviously, it also includes the 4C’s. The quality of the cut in diamond cocktail ring is important in determining the sparkle even though it is not evaluated separately. Clarity for diamond cocktail ring is usually expressed as a range. For diamond cocktail ring with group of diamonds, the clearer stones will set in the centre and the diamonds with cloudiness or black spot will set in the edges of the design. Diamond Cocktail Ring Settings

Like cut and clarity, colour for diamond cocktail ring is also expressed as a range especially for diamond cocktail ring with multiple diamonds. Some use diamonds with lower colour grades, and diamond cocktail ring with champagne or chocolate diamonds can be a striking one. Large diamonds are relatively rare so that a single one carat diamond will be more expensive than four quarter carat diamonds set in a diamond cocktail ring. In diamond cocktail ring, the most common shape used for larger central stones and even small accent diamonds is round brilliant diamond, but there are also variations include oval and pear shape diamonds. Square diamonds, even though they are less common in diamond cocktail ring, will look stunning as well as part of a larger diamond arrangement. For the accent stones, baguette diamonds and melee diamonds will look nice. Diamond Cocktail Ring Settings

Diamond Cocktail Ring Settings


A diamond cocktail ring emphasizes the overall effect of the ring so that many jewellers get creative with unusual settings and combinations of diamond shapes in diamond cocktail rings. The followings are the settings can used for diamond cocktail rings.

Prong Setting

Each diamond holds securely by basket-like arrangement of prongs. The ring can look more attractive by creating a domed or mounded effect by varying the height of each prong. This one is also good for starburst shapes radiating from a central point.

Bezel Setting

For a low profile and contemporary look, this setting wraps the outer edge of diamonds in a slim casing of metal. It is used often to set a larger centre diamond apart from the surrounding accent diamonds.

Channel Setting

Smaller diamonds are set between two strips of metal like water between banks of a river. It is used for creating linear design and often contains accent diamonds of any shape used to decorate the ring.

Pave Setting

It used to add a sparkling coat of diamonds to a diamond cocktail ring by using many small diamonds which are set closely together like flagstones.

Diamond Cocktail Ring Settings

Diamond Cocktail Ring Settings
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