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Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

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Nowadays, with well-developed technology in jewellery industry, people can find a lot of different styles for diamond engagement rings. The process of couple choose their diamond engagement ring is even made easier, either they choose to purchase the engagement ring in a jewellery store in their place with an expert or jeweller assistance or in an online jewellery stores where they can search and look at many diamond engagement ring collections on the web in their own house. However, no matter how easier it has been made, since there are so many styles of diamond engagement rings today, it will be a little confusing when we try to eliminate the choices and decide one style that is the ‘right one’ for our diamond engagement ring. That is why, it will be better if you learn more about diamond engagement ring styles before visiting the online or offline stores and purchasing one. Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Diamond Engagement Ring Styles



For those who are active ones, this style is for you. The style provides good protection for the diamond, where the centre diamond is nested firmly between bands raising on both sides. Diamond Engagement Ring Styles


This style features small diamonds embedded along the band to enhance the brilliance of the main diamond in the centre. It has fresh and modern look and suits modern people.


It is an ‘ethereal’ style, which the ring has a central diamond which is surrounded by a ‘halo’ made of smaller diamonds. The halo will emphasize the sparkle of the main diamond, and make it appears larger than it is. Set to become the new classic, this style suits fashion-forward people.


Those who want a super sparkle for their engagement ring will choose this style. Like the name, which is taken from the French word for ‘paved’, this style features many small diamonds set on the band as close as possible so that little or no metal can be seen. The encrusted small diamonds give the engagement ring the look of a solid diamond surface.


It is the most classic and popular style of engagement ring. Solitaire is taken from the French word for ‘alone’, indicates that the ring only has one single diamond. It will be the best style for those who prefer classic style and elegance, since elegance is one that this design boasts. The diamond on solitaire style is usually set high, so that the diamond will get maximum exposure and reflects maximum fire and brilliance.


This style features a ‘swirl’ metal around the diamond. It is a feminine and romantic style, and usually is sold with the wedding band which is a perfect fit for the unusual yet pretty shape of the style. Those artistic and creative ones will love this style.

Three Stone

Known as trilogy or trinity ring, engagement ring with this style features three diamonds, which each symbolizes the past, the present, and the future. The centre diamond is usually larger and set higher than two side diamonds to add the depth of the ring. It will be a perfect choice for those who are sentimental and love symbolism.


Vintage is a better style for those who love timeless beauty and romance. The style features splendour from late eras yet with a contemporary twist and a combination of engravings, a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ and milgrain detailing. Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

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