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Diamond Ring

Monday, May 13th 2013. | Diamond

Diamond Ring

Modern era with all these bustle activity. The socialites that happen unlimited and can not be avoided by anyone who still wants to recognized exist on this earth. Meeting various people at anytime from different backgrounds and levels to make a smooth way of our own purpose. Inevitably drag us to a busyness of fixin what people see in us, namely the appearance. All of these effort is only for the shake of our looks in front of some orchestra audience that we will meet in a day, begining from shoes, handbags, clothing and so jewelry is something that absolutely must be cared. Speaking of jewelry, there is one accessories that used by most of people these days. Yup that’s the ring.

All gender, wether men or women, adult or eldery we’ve certainly seen them wearing it around their fingers. Out of this common scene there may be some people who out of his mind wearing a couple of rings on his fingers. Obligation to wear a ring even exceeded the need to wear a watch, especially for people who crazy for it. Wearing it anywhere, in any activity and opportunity. The problem is people often forget that this thing is still in a state of being a very valuable thing. The owner become careless about some unresponsible acts that plainly would spoil its beauty. For example a ring that made by gold. Continues to be used in the bath or even while sleeping. Then it is just about the time that it will be scratched and lost its shine. Until then comin a trend of wearing diamond ring.

Diamond Ring

Diamonds in terms of its structure, is the third hardest material after Aggregated Diamond Nanorods’ and Ultrahard Fullerite thus has the advantage that it can only be scratched by other diamonds which inevitably give some impacts on its quality and durability. But on the other side, diamond also easily split if an error occurs along the processing process for example while determining the cutting direction. Besides, diamond’s pureness is something that absolutely must be maintained, if it happen even with a little synthetic dyes mixed this so called the king of jewel will actually become an objects that have no value. Now we know that behind the beauty of diamond rings in every display at some prestigious stores or in some big malls, all would have passed a bunch of complex and high precision processing. .

In terms of its beauty, we can already imagined how beautiful this sparkle-eyed diamond ring will be on  our  fingers.

Now looking about its history, then surely we will not lost our confidence wearing this ring. In India the owner of the diamond is limited by caste. Only the king may have all kinds of diamond. Even more strict rule happened in France, in the 13th century. King Louis IX regulations stipulate that only the king is allowed has this diamonds. Its a wow isn’t it?

Diamond Ring

diamond ring designs

And then about its price, dont wory to get any grumble from our groupie cause it will never happen, as long we wear e real diamond ring . Although diamond prices depends on the type and clarity, but still it is only people who are considered capable and classy that can embed these beautiful objects in his fingers.

There is no doubt to wear a diamon ring that is friendly follow our dynamic activity, giving confidence to keep up our head facing the world and the most important thing is the hidden side of our charm will appear along with its beautiful  sparkle.

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