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Diamond Ring Bands

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When we speak about diamond ring band, we will speak about the metals which give the shapes to the band. Diamond ring bands are also identical with diamond wedding rings, which is usually simpler than engagement rings. There are many precious or semi-precious metals used for diamond ring bands, and each of them has their own plus and minus point. It may a simple matter, but in purchasing a diamond ring band, it is important to take this matter into consideration as well, instead of only think about the diamond and the design or style. After all, what metal has been used for the diamond ring bands also plays a role in determining the whole price of the diamond ring bands. Those with a tight budget maybe want to choose the cheaper metal in order to use most of the budget for getting the best diamond. Those who have a large budget maybe want to have a diamond ring band with the best metal besides the best diamond. Since diamond wedding ring will be worn every day and in a very long time, the durability of the metal is important. Diamond Ring Bands

Diamond Ring Bands



It is the most common and desired metal used in many ring bands, either for engagement ring or wedding ring, and either for women’s ring or men’s ring. The most common karat used for diamond ring bands are 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt. The higher the karat on the band, the higher the price is since karat shows the percentage of pure gold in the ring. The hardness and durability of gold also depends on the karat as well. Gold band with 100% pure gold is 24kt. Gold has several colours, yellow, white and rose. Yellow is the most popular colour for gold, but nowadays white gold is increasing in popularity and more expensive than other colours. If you want to choose a white gold diamond ring band, search one which is coated in rhodium. That treatment enhances the white colour and protects the gold beneath from tear and wear. Diamond Ring Bands


It is the most expensive white metal which is a prestigious option for a diamond ring band. It is already exceptionally white and long wearing, so platinum does not need to be coated with rhodium like white gold. Platinum is used at almost 100% purity for a diamond ring band. It will feel heavier on hand since it is a solid metal, but it is often used in engagement ring and men’s and women’s wedding ring. Diamond Ring Bands

Tungsten Carbide

It is a hard, heavy and durable metal which is made of tungsten and carbon combination. Diamond ring band made of this metal will stand up to wear and tear and will always look new. Tungsten carbide has durability which makes it more resistant to scratch than other metals. This metal will also always retain the bright and shiny lustre. Diamond ring bands made of tungsten carbide do not need to be polished since this metal has a permanent polish. You will want to buy a tungsten carbide diamond ring band with the exact size of your finger, since the durability makes the band cannot be resized.


Like tungsten carbide, this is another durable metal which is popular as men’s wedding bands as well as women’s engagement and wedding bands. Titanium is the hardest metal ever, which is why this metal is popular for men’s ring. However, even it is the hardest metal, it is very light. Titanium is also a good choice for those with sensitive and allergic skin, since it is 100% hypo allergic. It is also cannot be resized.

Diamond Ring Bands

Diamond Ring Bands

Diamond Ring Bands

Diamond Ring Bands