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Diamond Ring Designer

Tuesday, December 31st 2013. | Diamond


Lets directly mention some names, popular ones of course, that these whole yime, have been became common name in the diamond ring industry as some credible diamond ring designer. The first name is Bellarri, one of my favorite. She got the characteristic, i mean her unique taste goes along as well as her name be mentioned in any related occasion. Actually what become the identity of her products is about the using of the colored diamonds that quite get the main place in almost all of her piece. She confidently play with those fancy colored diamonds, even those with none in a tone color, mix and match it, to be the real ring, the stunning one, but as the final impression, surely it is a great masterpiece. Well actually she comes with other products of jewelry, such as earring, pendant, bracelet, and some more. Since she use colored diamonds which will go even more charming if you get an extra package of the jewelry, and use it in the perfect event. Diamond Ring Designer

Diamond Ring Designer


The next designer, still with the unique way of expressing a diamond ring design, is Soho. His craft, well known as an elegance. He manage the combination of the old style diamond ring, fashion one, to be turned in todays taste. He often, or can i say as mostly, apply the diamonds around the none common metal, in an array, not that tidy and close, but also not only a single diamond. In this band as well, he often make some addition pattern to make it even more ornamental. Diamond Ring Designer

And for the last but not least, though i believe there are many more great designer out of there, but for today`s finale figure, is Tacori. Lets make a clear start where the Tacori term itself has its history. The Tacori, not like some previous people that i have been discussed about, actually not exactly the name of a person. Tacori, has a quite longer history compared with the previous designer figured. Rather than called as a person, i dare to call it as them, that it refers to a family line name. And they were, really a family that been concerned on the diamond jewelry design and making process, up until now and walking so well. Diamond Ring Designer

Diamond Ring Designer


If you ever browsed on some of their products, then you will realize what is this designer’ characteristic, the uniqueness that been hold up for a long time, that lovely applied on every single piece thay made. It is the half moon shape, or some call it as crescent as the term come from France. They believe, that this shape will reflect the light, as best as it can, the diamond i mean, that been placed within each half moon silhouette. They, keep this unique character, along with some important aspects as the making process of the diamond ring. They believe it as the process, the touch, and the passion. the process make the concern on the customer taste, based on their special order. While the touch thing, that pay the attention even on the deatil aspect, not to miss on any single part. And as the passion, the point where this family actual taste, be kept inside the product design. Diamond Ring Designer

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