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Diamond Ring Jackets

Saturday, November 23rd 2013. | Diamond, Diamond Ring


Maybe once you read this title you can not just get the point i meant directly. And moreover, this topic  is hard enough to  be found randomly in any articles about diamond jewelry. I even happened finding an article that tell about a jacket, decorated by some diamond on it, an expensive one. so what exactly this diamond jacket ring means that going to be our hot topic this time? It has none of the relation with the article i have found, the one i told you before. But actually, it barely has the same function with the real jacket one. Everyone know that jacket is used to protect our body from the cold weather or a windy one, so that we can stay in a good condition, not getting any cold or even flu as a worse. Ans as well as the diamond ring jacket, it is also playing the role to protect the precious thing in a jewelry mode, the diamond ring. Just exactly like what the jacket do, it cover the diamond ring safely all over its part. This “jacket” here like the cloth’ jacket which forms a body shape, also has the same shape with the protected object one,  shaping a ring. But to be applied well to protect the diamond ring, this ring need to be made in two part, the upper and the bottom rings, so that both of the diamond ring sides can be covered perfectly. Diamond Ring Jackets

Diamond Ring Jackets


This diamond ring jacket, often used in the term of diamond ring engagement. Though the diamond ring itself has the crucial meaning as a pricey jewelry, for an engagement ring it become a priority. More important case compared to the common diamond ring. As an engagement ring will be worn excitingly in your household life, and for the entire life as everybody’ wish their marriage line can stay till the end, it is a really important matter to keep the ring safe. So here the diamond jacket ring does its job. Diamond Ring Jackets

Usually, the diamond jacket ring use a different material to make the band. A different color is also agreeable. It is because nobody want their main ring to be sink by the jacket side ring, and nobody can realize the existence of the main ring furthermore. So make a not more stunning diamond jacket ring for your own sake. Also, to place a single diamond in the ring jacket will cause you a confusing idea how to make the main ring still in the main role. So avoid to use a single diamond, the center one moreover, in the ring jacket. It is better to let it get the side stones, so once you match the jacket and the main ring, which is mostly the single diamond ring one, the combination will go perfectly synchronize. Diamond Ring Jackets

Diamond Ring Jackets


The other case to use this ring jacket is a quite unique idea. By not using the main ring, and let the jacket as the one. Combining two ring in the jacket’ way but create a new design of a main ring. Though with a certain amount of diamond, and both have a similar feel, not defeating each other, with the proper choice of the diamond color, there will be made a great ring in the jacket’ form. Diamond Ring Jackets

Diamond Ring Jackets

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