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Diamond Solitaire Ring

Thursday, July 4th 2013. | Diamond


There are many different kinds of designs and styles for diamond rings, but if you search for the one that is an ultimate symbol of timelessness, why don’t you set your eyes on diamond solitaire rings? Diamond solitaire ring has been considered as a classic ring for a long time. It is named solitaire since it is a ring with a single large diamond. Traditionally, a diamond solitaire ring is considered as ‘for women only’, but with the correct cut and a thicker band, the diamond solitaire ring can be for men as well. Diamond solitaire ring will be a good engagement ring, but this ring can also be given or give for other special occasion. Diamond Solitaire Ring

If you are interested in purchasing a diamond solitaire ring either for yourself or for your beloved one, you might want to consider several things in order to get a perfect solitaire diamond ring: emerald cut diamond solitaire, princess cut diamond solitaire, round cut diamond solitaire and many others. So, the question is what is your favourite cut? What cut and shape suit you well? If you are going to giving it for someone else, you need to know first about the cut that person prefers to wear.

Diamond Solitaire Ring


Diamond solitaire ring comes in different metals, so you need to know as well what metal for the setting suits you or the person you want to give the diamond solitaire ring the most. Yellow gold is good for those with warm complexion, while the white gold is good for those with dusky complexion. Just make sure you do not get the wrong choice for gold. Platinum goes with all complexion and it is stronger and rarer than gold, which makes it also more expensive than gold. If you want to bit a more dramatic, you can use two-metal for your diamond solitaire diamond ring. Diamond Solitaire Ring

Since it is about diamond solitaire engagement ring, you need to have knowledge on 4C’s of diamonds. Diamond’s weight is measured by carat, so it means the higher the carat, the bigger the diamond tends to, and also the higher the price is! Indeed a diamond solitaire ring prefers a bigger diamond, but smaller diamond is also good especially for those with thin and long fingers. Colour of diamond is in higher grade when it is near colourless. A diamond with a good clarity will not show flaws and inclusions when seen with naked eye. A diamond with good cut will give more sparkle and give a bigger diamond appearance.

Diamond Solitaire Ring

You need to keep your eyes on your budget as well when you want to purchase a diamond solitaire ring. If you have a high budget, you will be relaxed to choose diamond with the best measurements on the 4C’s, but if you somehow on a tight budget, you need to compromise on one of the 4C’s. But if you can find a good designer, you can get a coloured and shallow diamond looks gorgeous and wonderful. A diamond solitaire ring isn’t recommended with a channel setting, you may want to choose a prong setting, whether it is as flush, bezel, or arched, since it can bring out the best qualities of the diamond. Diamond Solitaire Ring

Diamond Solitaire Ring

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