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Half Carat Diamond Ring

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Whenever and whatever the reason you want to buy diamond jewelleries, pendant, bracelet, necklace, ring, earring, and many others, you should provide yourself with the knowledge about 4C’s. The 4C’s is the criteria you should give more attention in order to get good quality diamond jewellery. When you deal with diamond jewelleries, you want to get a good quality diamond at a great price. Thus, you need to understand the 4C’s – Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity. Half Carat Diamond Ring

It is quite common and sensible for a person to buy an engagement ring which has a diamond with the largest carat he can afford, the excellent cut, the reasonable colour and the reasonable clarity. Reasonable colour means H or I in colour grade, white the reasonable clarity is SI1 or VS2 in clarity grade. Colour and clarity are difficult to notice for people, while carat and cut have a major impact on the appearance of the diamond. So, it is advisable to spend your budget on diamond ring to a larger carat and a higher cut grade since they have the most impact for your diamond’s appearance. Half Carat Diamond Ring

Half Carat Diamond Ring

Carat is a measurement used for diamond weight. As the weight of a diamond increases, the size will increase as well. There are five carats in a gram which means 1 carat is about 0.2 gram and there are 100 points in each carat. For instance, a half carat diamond is a 50 points diamond and the weight is about 100 milligrams or one tenth of a gram. There are other terms to describe a half carat diamond ring such as half or A½ carat diamond, 0.5 or .5 ct diamond. You need not to worry, though, since all of those terms mean exactly the same: half carat diamond ring.

The size of a half carat diamond is vary since the carat weight of a diamond actually doesn’t really tell you about the size, since the size of a diamond depends more on the shape and the cut of the diamond. However, a half carat diamond is a very good size for engagement ring since it is not too big and not too small either. Most of diamond engagement rings are around the half carat. Half Carat Diamond Ring

Half Carat Diamond Ring


Maybe you wonder about the price of a half carat diamond, and you may think that the price will not as expensive as a carat diamond. Indeed, the bigger the carat, the bigger the diamond tends to, and the bigger the diamond, the more expensive the price is since bigger diamonds are much harder to find. But this is not always the case. Carat is not the only thing that determines the price of a diamond itself. There are other C’s – cut, colour and clarity. A half carat diamond with a hint of colour and visible inclusions will cost less expensive than a half carat diamond which is flawless and absolutely colourless. You need to be more careful with the clarity of a diamond. SI2 clarity will be good for diamonds below 0.75 carat while those above that need VS2 clarity. So, if you want to purchase a half carat diamond ring, you do not really need to focus on clarity above SI2, you can focus the budget more to other features. Anyway, the price for a half carat diamond ring is approximately about $3,500 so that you need to set a budget around that amount.

Half Carat Diamond Ring

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