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Knowing Some Types of diamond ring settings

Friday, May 31st 2013. | Diamond


Gemstones are set in different ways on the group. The beauty of the engagement group style is outlined by the establishing type. The Types of diamond ring settings establishing kinds are prong, route, stress, frame, lead, gypsy and more. You can visit on the internet retailers to buy valuable stone jewelry at incredible prices. Most people just take a look at the group style, the engagement group cost and the dimension the rock before choosing an engagement group. Do you know the type of rock establishing decides its look and the shine? Take a look at some of the group configurations before you buy an engagement group on the internet.

Types of diamond ring settings


–          Prong Setting

One of the most typical configurations used, it features four or more metal claws that rise top to bottom from the group and bend over the rock having it in position. Prong establishing increases the amount of light coming into the rock and gives you very high elegance. The prongs can be curved, smooth, indicated or V-shaped. Four prongs are usually enough to hold the rock in position, but six prongs will give you a secure sitting. The number of nails relies on the rock dimension. If you are choosing an engagement group with an emerald-cut rock, examine if it has smooth prongs. While choosing jewelry with marquise, heart or pear-shaped diamonds, examine out if the points of the rock are organized safely within the support of the V-shaped prong. One disadvantage of this establishing type is that you should be careful that the prongs don’t come reduce or the rock could fall off. Since most of the rock is revealed, the possibilities of snagging on to fabrics, hair and other stuff are higher. The cost of an engagement group is a little less as it uses less steel than other establishing kinds. Types of diamond ring settings

–          Bezel Setting

One of the earliest used establishing kinds, the designs with frame establishing feature a raised receiver that maintains the valuable rock in position. This establishing type is mostly used in gents jewelry, and guarantees that the valuable stone is safely fixed to the steel group. As almost the entire rock is fixed inside the steel group, there are no possibilities of snags or dropping off like prong establishing. Though you will not be able to get as much elegance as that of a prong establishing, you don’t have to keep concerning about the rock dropping off. This type of establishing is ideal if you want to buy a engagement group for daily wear.

–          Tension Setting

This type of establishing makes it look as if the valuable stone is sailing on the steel group. The rock is pushed between two steel items into a small pattern called seat and organized in position by the stress between the two items. A group style with this establishing type brings the focus completely on the rock.

Types of diamond ring settings

That are some of the types of diamond ring settings, hopefully you can get knowledge about it and also take it as the special consideration before you wants to buy a diamond ring setting.

Types of diamond ring settings

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