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Marquise Diamond Ring

Thursday, June 27th 2013. | Diamond


There is an interesting story for the background of the marquise shaped diamond, which is also known as navette cut diamond. According to the story, Louis XIV, the Sun King, want a diamond to be cut like the smile of Marquise de Pompadour, his mistress. Marquise is a French noble ranking above a countess and below a duchess. When a marquise diamond is looked from above, the cut resembles the shape of a classic style boat or a football. A marquise diamond is made by a step cut or table cut method in which the facets are cut in steps. The crown, which is the top part of the stone above the girdle, the pavilion, which is the bottom part of the stone below the girdle, and the table, which is the largest facet on a stone are cut in rectangular facets. Marquise Diamond Ring

Marquise Diamond Ring


Marquise diamond is clear, bright and has a lot of sparkle because the facets span the width or length of the diamond and decrease as they get closer to the table. A marquise diamond will make a good engagement ring either it is set as a solitaire or with other stones. Since its unique shape is different from those traditional shapes such as round and princess cut diamond, a marquise diamond ring is desired by those who want to set apart from that common. A marquise diamond is also considered as the shape with the best brilliance of the fancy shapes diamond. Moreover, marquise diamond offers you best setting for engagement ring. You will not find the same ring setting like marquise diamond ring in other engagement ring  Marquise Diamond Ring

Marquise diamond ring should flow with the look of your finger when it is put on. The more slender and longer your fingers are, the better the marquise diamond will flow and establish itself.  The shorter and stubbier your fingers are, the less the marquise diamond will flow on your finger. So, if you have long and slender fingers, a marquise diamond ring will be a perfect choice for you. It is not recommended if you have short and stubby fingers, though, since the diamond will appear to be in the background instead of main attraction.

Marquise Diamond Ring

Unfortunately, marquise diamond will really show inclusions and flaws than other shapes. Round and princess diamond, for example, have more area to work with in order to hide inclusions and flaws, while a marquise diamond has less area to work with , so that the inclusions and flaws become more evident. That is why, when you are interested in buying a marquise diamond ring, it is important to choose one with SI1 or higher clarity and try to avoid of SI2 or lower clarity. Although SI2 is supposed to be eye clean, sometimes you can see the flaws with naked eye if you look hard enough. Marquise Diamond Ring

For the colour of marquise diamond ring, it will be better if you choose near colourless or even higher. If you buy a marquise diamond ring with colour grade below H, the diamond will start to reflect yellow quite intensely since marquise cut diamond is designed to maximize brilliance.

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