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Most Expensive Diamond Ring

Tuesday, June 11th 2013. | Diamond


Diamonds, when set into jewelleries, whether they are necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings or rings, always been sources of fascination for women all over the world, especially diamond rings. It is even said that an engagement ring traditionally is a diamond ring so that a diamond ring will be the first choice for an engagement ring. No wonder that diamond is often associated with deep love. Most Expensive Diamond Ring

If we speak about diamond, we should know that the quality and the price of diamond are determined by 4C’s (Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat). Diamond’s colour is graded based on GIA Grading Scale for D to Z – colourless to light yellow. D colour diamond is the whitest diamond and the highest colour grade, and this is the rarest colour so that the price is higher. Cut determines the sparkle a diamond will give, if the diamond has a good cut, the diamond will have more sparkle and cost more. No diamond in the world is really clear from any flaws or inclusions, but the one with almost none will cost higher as well. The bigger the carat a diamond has, the more the price is. Most Expensive Diamond Ring

Basically, a genuine diamond will cost high and those who want to buy it should at least save their money before purchasing it. But some of them have extreme prices which only few people – with a lot of money – can afford. So, here are several most expensive diamond rings in the world:

Most Expensive Diamond Ring


ü  Most Expensive Vivid Pink Diamond Ring

Colourless diamond is the best, but some of diamonds have fancy colours which are priced more than colourless ones, like this one. This five carats vivid pink diamond with two diamonds on each side has the record of the most expensive diamond ring in the world. This ring was auctioned for $10.8 million in Hong Kong by Christie’s.

ü  Vivid Blue Diamond Ring

The price for this one is $ 7.9 million and the ring was sold at the Sotherby’s auction. The ring has a beautiful six carats blue diamond as the main stone in the centre with emerald cut diamonds on each side of it. The ring was made of platinum.

ü  Oval-Cut Diamond Ring

This diamond ring was sold for $4.2 million in New York at one of Christie’s Important Jewels sale. A 46.51 carats pure white diamond with an oval cut set in a platinum ring. The diamond has VVS2 clarity and E colour grade.

ü  De Beers Platinum Diamond Ring

This one is absolutely dazzling and gorgeous with its nine carats diamond set on a platinum ring which has perfectly polished. The price for this diamond ring is $1.83 million.

ü  Novo Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow diamond, along with other rare and fancy colour diamonds, is considered special so that the price is ‘special’ as well. The special colour of this 25.27 carats Novo yellow diamond ring made it sold for S1.35 million. The diamond which is set in a platinum ring was sold by Tiffany’s.

ü  Elizabeth Taylor Diamond Ring

This ring, which is from the Elizabeth Taylor Jewellery in Los Angeles and used to belong to an actress, have an 5.98 carats oval diamond as the main stone and is surrounded by 3.96 carats round diamonds, which gives the ring image of a flower. This one is priced for $1.3 million.

Well, indeed many women outside want to be proposed by their beloved men with diamond rings, but not all of them can afford such prices, can’t they? But, if you are a rich bachelor who has so much money, why don’t you try to purchase a most expensive diamond for your woman and have it concluded on the list? Most Expensive Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Diamond Ring

Most Expensive Diamond Ring

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