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Pear Diamond Ring Setting

Thursday, January 23rd 2014. | Diamond, Diamond Ring


As you have known that a pear shape has pointed corner, at the bottom side of the body. This kind of shape sure has its own charming of its ansymmetry shape, but at the same time has the difficulty of deciding which setting would be best to be applied on. This problem goes as well for other shape that has this kind of similarity, i mean the pointed corners, such as the marquise cut, heart cut and some others. The unique pear cut diamond usually look larger compared to another cut in the same size range, as we look it from the top down section. As what i have read on customer testimonials, they would happily use platinum, white gold, and even yellow one to be the metal of their pear diamond ring, such a flexible choice right. But what kind of setting is actually good and get the most vote from the pear diamond ring customer? Well lets see if there is a significant and solutive answer. Pear Diamond Ring Setting

Pear Diamond Ring Setting


The first one is the side stones setting that is featured with this beautiful shape, the single pear cut diamond, a biggest one, in the center position. It looks so glamorous, that woman who wear it will just get blushed happily once it touch her finger. This side stones setting even is flexible enough that many kind of order, i mean the way you place the side stones can be applied charmingly. You can use diamond or other gemstone as the side stones, just pick one that match your feeling. Pear Diamond Ring Setting

The next setting is the small pear stone ring that gaining enough popularity among customer choice, as the one that take a more simple path. As what the setting means, small stone will not be as stunning as the side stones, in my opinion, as it hold the classic style that people will have a light feeling once she wear or see it. It is both comfy and annoying as you wont get disturbed by people opinion as they will stare at your ring like if you wear a blingy ring one, and as the annoying aspect, people will give less attention to you, to your pricey diamond ring, now see that it is annoying right? hehe. But out of these annoying term, it is proved that the amount of customer that stand still to choose this setting is not a simple one. It is because, people who love this pear shape and want to use it in their engagement ring, will pick this setting as their wisest choice. Pear Diamond Ring Setting

Pear Diamond Ring Setting


The third setting, that go significantly different, even oppositely from the previous setting, is te large stone pear shaped diamond ring. As shown by the name, you will have to buy a big big size of diamond stone, in the pear shape. Though it can be applied in the first setting which is side stones setting, here the stressing point is just about the size, so make sure you are able and willing to cost a quite much money on this setting. And just for your reminder, it will be absolutely stunning, from the size aspect itself, not including how the designer will make the setting to be even more blingy.

Pear Diamond Ring Setting

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