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Ring Diamond

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Diamond is indeed a popular option for any kinds of jewelleries, from pendant to ring. No wonder, the popularity is not only because the fire and brilliance the diamond possesses giving it a gorgeous appearance which catch every attention toward it, but also  because diamond is the hardest stone ever, making it the most durable gemstone which can last long. However, due to those, diamond is also a stone which is difficult to get without paying much money. And since it is much money we should spend for it, selecting and purchasing a diamond ring will make you feel overwhelmed, especially if you do not have any knowledge or experience about ring diamond at all. Ring Diamond

Ring Diamond


You should keep in mind than a good understanding of diamond is a must if you want to purchase a diamond ring. You need to have basic information about diamond in order to get the best diamond ring for you. By knowing the basic information you will not end up getting a poor diamond ring or even a not genuine diamond ring. You should learn about the 4C’s, since that is what you will deal with whenever you want to purchase diamond jewellery. The 4C’s (cut, clarity, colour and carat) are the factors determining the quality and the price of a diamond. Ring Diamond

Cut is the most important and most challenging factor to understand of a diamond. Cut refers to the diamond’s capability to reflect light, and it is different from shape, which is the general outward appearance of a diamond. The quality of the cut really makes a difference on how the diamond will look. Diamond with a good cut will have a good proportion and symmetry. Those two are important since they influence how the diamond will reflect the light hitting it. The better the cut is, the more the diamond will reflect the light, and thus, the more the fire and brilliance it gives. Meanwhile, a poor cut diamond, either it is not symmetry or in poor proportion, will not reflect light better, so that the diamond will lack fire and brilliance. Try to find a diamond with an ideal cut. Ring Diamond

Ring Diamond


No diamond is clear from flaws or inclusions. Thus, when we speak about clarity, it refers to the presence of flaws and inclusions on the ring. Some of flaws and inclusions cannot be seen with naked eye, so that the diamond will place a higher position in the clarity grading. But not all diamonds with flaws or inclusions are not good. Some flaws or inclusions even give the diamond a unique appearance, and there are people who seek for diamonds with certain flaws. However, flaws and inclusions can make the diamond more vulnerable to damage, especially if the flaws and inclusions are accumulated in the weak edges of the diamond. Ring Diamond

Diamond comes in many colours, such as pink, black, yellow, blue, green and others. White or colourless diamonds are rarer, so that they place the highest place in colour grading. The whiter or more colourless the diamond is, the more the price you should give. But some of fancy coloured diamonds can be more expensive than white or colourless diamond due to certain conditions. It is up to your taste and liking to choose the colour of the diamond, but just remember that the metal of your diamond ring will play a role as well. If you choose a white gold or platinum, you need to choose diamond with higher colour grade.

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond, and it can determine the size of the diamond as well. Size of a diamond does matter, since the difference in the sizes is clearly visible. The higher the carat, the higher the price for the diamond is, since the bigger the size of the diamond, the rarer it is.

Ring Diamond

Ring Diamond
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