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Round Diamond Ring Settings

Sunday, January 12th 2014. | Diamond, Diamond Ring


The most popular diamond cut, for almost a century, what else, the one that will be available directly once we visit a jewelry shop, whether in which setting, or in which form, i mean in the diamond ring, earrings, or pendant, this kind of cut is the most common to be used, that is why it got the popularity, the round cut. The round cut as well as the popularity, the sell record too goes well above any other kind of shape, the princess cut diamond for instance. The demand in every jewlry store make it almost always ready in stock, so that customer can get it faster.  The main aspect that make this shape is extremly desirable, though the shape actually is just so so, not that shocking like other modern shape is one that i will explain to you next. The round shape, have been examined by meny expert, is the best way to deliver the sun light, so that the stone will look even stunning once it got the right and enough lighting, and make it adorable to others who look at it. Round Diamond Ring Settings

Round Diamond Ring Settings


Before exactly choosing this kind of cutting, again analyze what is the taste, i mean the style of jewelry they like, the person you are giving the ring to. Those who tend to be more simple, the solitaire setting is shortly matching the best.  This combination even become best selling piece in the term of engagement ring. As the engagement is an official and sacred process, that need a more elegance aura and humble appearance to make the event even more honored, so the round cut solitaire engagement ring is the answer. In this way, people wont pay too much attention toward the setting but prefer to look through the stone itself, as it has a great round shape that make the stone clearly charming. So the humbleness that is wanted by the bride exist in this procession, will easily be true. The combination of round cut diamond and solitaire setting, at the same time is an easy going type for a jewelry, so that it is said as the versatile type. Even to pair it with the wedding band, this kind of ring is flexible to be macthed with any other band. Round Diamond Ring Settings

Round Diamond Ring Settings


Or rather than that, those who want more complicated and more modification toward its ring, use the micro pave setting, to make the ring as creative as possible. Though that must be remembered, this micro pave setting commonly combine a rather vintage taste for the jewelry that made in this way, so make sure the person you are going to give the ring does not mind with that.

If you have difficulty in deciding what type is the person you are aiming for, then analyze their habit or activities. For example, if they tend to love outdoor activities, so that almost all of their day be spent outdoor and doing various activities that need such an easy moving situation, then choosing a simple setting such as humble solitaire is a perfect decision. By this way, that person will be comfy to wear the jewelry even in their daily activities.  Round Diamond Ring Settings

Round Diamond Ring Settings