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Ruby Diamond Rings

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Ruby is also one of the popular precious gemstones chosen to accompany a diamond on a ring. Ruby is actually red corundum, while all of other colours of corundum are called sapphire. In essence, ruby is a red sapphire, since they both are identical in all properties but colour. Ruby is distinguished for its right red colour, and be the most fabled and famed red gemstone due to its durability, hardness, lustre and rarity. The red colour of ruby will look fabulous when set with a white or colourless diamond on a white metal setting. Ruby Diamond Rings

Ruby Diamond Rings


Ruby is indeed identic with its bright red colour; however, ruby can also vary in colours. The colour of ruby can vary from bright red to dark reddish-brown. But the most desired colour of ruby is a deep blood red with a little bit of bluish hue. Ruby with such colour is known as ‘Burmese Ruby’ or ‘Pigeon’s Blood Ruby’. Indeed, Burma is famous for its exceptional colouring ruby, and traditionally, Burma has produced the finest rubies. However, rubies mined in Burma rarely exceed several carats. Large flawless rubies from Burma can worth millions of dollars. Rubies sold on the market mostly are from Thailand, and they have brownish hues which are less desirable. However, such rubies can be treated to improve colour by heat treating, which also can increase its transparency since it removes internal flaws. Ruby Diamond Rings

Ruby is popular to be set together with diamond since it is the second hardest stone in the world after diamond. In Mohs scale, diamond gets 10, while ruby and sapphire get 9. However, ruby is still vulnerable to fracture and chipping if it is handled roughly. Thus, when you purchase a ruby diamond ring, you need to make sure the ruby is cared properly. Usually, ruby and diamond are set onto three-stone engagement ring. It can be either a diamond as the main stone while two rubies as the side stones or a ruby as the main stone while two diamonds as side stones. Another popular style is halo ring. It can be either a diamond as the main stone while many smaller rubies as the layer of halo or a ruby as the main stone while many smaller diamonds as the layer of the halo. Ruby Diamond Rings

Ruby Diamond Rings


The blazing red of ruby looks really magnificent when set with white or colourless diamonds. But diamond comes in many colours possible, and if you want to use other colours than white or colourless, it is up to you. It is the same case with the metal used for the ring. You can choose any kinds of metal for the setting. However, the ring will look good with white setting. It can be silver, white gold, platinum, or titanium.

When choosing ruby and diamond for your ruby diamond rings, you need to consider the 4C’s, which is cut, carat, colour and clarity. These four aspects are used in determining the quality and value of diamond and ruby. You need to know that there are some precious gemstones often wrongfully taken as ruby, like spinel, garnet and red tourmaline. They may resemble ruby, but ruby is still the hardest among them.

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