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Teardrop Diamond Ring

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Teardrop diamond, like the name given, is a diamond with cut and shape like a teardrop, and is one of fancy cut diamonds. Known also as a pear shape diamond, a teardrop diamond is a combination cut of round brilliant cut and marquise cut, with a tapered point in one of the ends, and rounded in another. A teardrop diamond ideally has 58 facets. Teardrop diamond is a magnificent shape with many of magnificent flash and sparkle. It gives a wonderful appearance for both the simplest and the most elaborate diamond ring setting. The first teardrop diamond ever was created by Lodewyk (Louis) van Berquem, a Flemish polisher of Brugge, Belgium in 1458. The cut was very popular during the Renaissance period. Teardrop Diamond Ring

Teardrop Diamond Ring


When purchasing a teardrop diamond ring, it is really important for you to choose the best quality and highest grade cut teardrop diamond you can afford. A teardrop diamond, are prone to two cutting problems, which are the bow tie effect and ‘uneven’ or ‘high’ shoulders. If you pay attention when look at a teardrop diamond, you may see some bow tie. It is actually not an unusual thing. But, some bow tie effect gives an obvious dark or black spot which is dull when it is seen from every angle. This one is what you want to avoid. Such bow tie effect is obvious when it is present at the stone, so when you ‘wonder’ whether a teardrop diamond you are looking at has such bow tie effect, probably it actually doesn’t have one. Teardrop Diamond Ring

An ideal teardrop diamond should have excellent or even very good symmetry, in where the point should line up with the apex of the rounded end, while the shoulders should form similar and symmetrical curves with no any straight edges. The rounded part of the stone should not appear squat or narrow, but semi-circle. High-shoulder or uneven shoulder should be avoided, since it decreases the value of the diamond. Fortunately, these problems are visible to naked eye, so that you can detect them without using any special tools. However, a diamond’s certificate will not provide enough information about these problems, especially when you purchasing it online and cannot see the stone by yourself. Teardrop Diamond Ring

Teardrop Diamond Ring


Both as a solitaire diamond ring and with accent stones, teardrop diamond always makes a lovely ring, and many choose this shape as an engagement ring. But, many people wonder about the way to wear the teardrop diamond ring, whether the point of the teardrop diamond faces the wrist or the wearer’s fingernails. Well, there is no any standard or rule about what direction the pointed end of the teardrop diamond should face, so there is no wrong and right, which means you can wear the teardrop diamond ring in the way you desire. Just many people think that when the teardrop diamond is worn faces the fingernails, their fingers will look slimmer. Some like the ring worn with the pointed end faces the wrist, so that the end of the stone will not come in or tear your clothes and also keep the diamond from wearing out. Teardrop diamond needs specialized setting with an added prong especially to protect the point of the stone, which is the most fragile point on the teardrop diamond. Teardrop Diamond Ring

Teardrop Diamond Ring

Teardrop Diamond Ring
Teardrop Diamond Ring



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