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The Jewellery Box

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The boxes where you keep all of your jewelleries come in all sizes, colours, shapes and designs. The size can be large like some pieces of furniture, or tiny child-sized. The design can be a vintage or antique, or even childish design with princesses from Disney animation or lively cartoon decorations. With so many choices of jewellery box you can choose from, you might feel overwhelmed when you want to purchase a jewellery box. Whatever size, colour, shape and design you look for, you need to prepare yourselves with information about jewellery box. The Jewellery Box

The Jewellery Box


Jewellery box, which is also known as jewellery casket, date back to the Stone Age. Originally, the box was considered as luxury item and often only found in wealthy households, used to store and protects important documents along with jewellery. The box was often the size of a small chest. After the industrial revolution, many jewellery boxes in smaller sizes and affordable prices were mass produced and became a common household item. We can still see many of the more elaborate antique jewellery boxes on display in any castles and museums. We can even find antique jewellery boxes for sale on market nowadays. The Jewellery Box

When you want to purchase a jewellery box, you should find the right box that meets your needs. What the box is intended to use? Some boxes are large, they often are known as jewellery armoires. Some are made to be hung on the wall. Some are portable and made for travelling purpose. If you want to store a small collection of jewellery, you can purchase a smaller and simpler box. If you want to store a large or very valuable collection, you need more elaborate boxes. Size is a primary factor, but to decide the size, you need to consider your purpose of purchasing a jewellery box. The Jewellery Box

Interior of the jewellery box is an important factor as well. Some have a simple hard shell of compartments. Some are lined with protective velvets in order to house fine gold and silver pieces. Some are intended for certain jewellery or fitted for rings or watches. Some offer cavernous spaces for storing larger items. What kind of interior you want to have?

The Jewellery Box


Typically, jewellery box is small enough to be placed on dressers or tables. They often open with a hinged top and usually have extra trays, padded compartments and drawers. This typical jewellery box can be used to store small amounts of jewellery or as a keepsake box. For larger collection, a larger jewellery box will be required, called jewellery armoire which looks like clothing armoire. It can sit on dresser or stands alone. It often has cabinets with hooks, storage drawers and a mirror.

The jewellery box hung on the wall looks like medicine cabinets. Typically, this kind of jewellery box has mirrors at eye level, and hooks on the door for necklaces and bracelets. The jewellery box for travelling purpose usually is a little piece of luggage. It should be durable to protect jewellery while travelling.

The Jewellery Box

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