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Tips of Choosing the Right Diamond Ring Enhancers

Friday, February 28th 2014. | Diamond, Diamond Ring


A diamond ring guard is important to keep the safety of gemstone center and being good accessories to improve the beauty of the diamond ring. The main reason of having a diamond investment is the protection of the diamond ring guard. There are many gemstones that are easily scratched and chipped from sharp things so it needs an extra safety. Diamond ring enhancers are being the protection to prevent the scratch and chip to the expensive diamond ring. It can also make it look brighter and sparkling. It is a good way to upgrade the diamond without decreasing its value. There are some tips before buying a diamond ring enhancer.

The Size of Diamond Ring Enhancers

It is being the most crucial step in finding the right diamond ring enhancers. You need to choose a diamond ring enhancer in the right size. When it has an appropriate size, it will make you feel uncomfortable during wearing it. To avoid discomfort, it is good to choose a diamond ring enhancer that is one size larger than your diamond ring. For example, when you chose 1 inch, it is better to buy a diamond ring enhancer with 2 inches for the size. Definitely, it is going to be comfortable to use.

Choosing Metal Type for Diamond Ring Enhancers

Finding diamond ring enhancers with metal type can be helpful and useful for some cases. For example, a diamond ring enhancer is usually more often cleaned and polished than your wedding or engagement diamond ring. So, it is good to choose a metal type to avoid old look of the diamond ring though it is actually being an additional function to make your diamond ring look more attractive.

Considering Total Carat of the Diamond Ring Enhancers


Before choosing diamond ring enhancers, it is good to consider total carat weight of the diamond. It is because it will influence the price of the diamond ring itself. So, it makes people prefer choosing the diamond ring enhancer with high total carat. In addition, it is more expensive when it is sold.

Getting Attention to Its Color Cut and Grade


When you look for diamond ring enhancers, it is good to look at the cut and grade of the color. It should have a similar quality of gemstones’ cut. Cut and shape are usually separate features, for example, when a stone with same cuts and different shapes, it usually looks very stunning and attractive. To know the grade of diamond’s color, you can use a letter system in order to understand the level of color’s grade. When it belongs to the first letter level, it means it has a perfect color grade.

Choosing Diamond Ring Enhancers with Color Diamond

Most of the people tend to choose colored diamond for the diamond ring enhancers. The colored diamond may make the perfect of a white center gemstone in the diamond ring. Moreover, diamond ring enhancers with colored diamond will look very good and luxury so it improves the price of the diamond. When you choose the colored diamond, it also reflects various lights so it looks very stunning.