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Yellow Diamond Ring

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If we speak about diamond, we should know that the value of a diamond is measured by 4C’s (Colour, Carat, Cut, and Clarity). In colour grade of diamonds, ones with less colour or even colourless are more valuable and desired. Somehow, there is also diamond with colours which more popular than colourless, one of the colours is yellow. Yellow diamond, which is also known as canary diamond, is the rarest diamond in earth, since there is only a piece of yellow diamond every 10,000 pieces of colourless diamonds. If you are interested in buying a yellow diamond ring, you should know everything about it since it is the most expensive and the rarest diamond ever in the world. Yellow Diamond Ring

The yellow colour of diamond is the result of nitrogen presence while the diamond is in forming process. Unlike other diamonds which are mined in the deep of the earth, canary yellow diamonds are found in natural environment. Mined yellow diamonds are not as bright as the ones which found in the ground so that mined yellow diamonds are less valuable than yellow diamonds found in the ground. Moreover, the deeper and the brighter the colour, the more expensive the yellow diamond is. Yellow diamonds usually have coloration more intense than white diamonds so that the price of yellow diamond is high. While for the white diamonds the completely colourless will be more preferable, for yellow diamonds the one having more coloration will be more preferable. Yellow diamond with ‘Z’ grade is the most expensive.

Yellow Diamond Ring


Yellow diamonds have many types and have different categories and names, and the categories based on the standard and the value. For example, those under fancy categories: fancy yellow, fancy light yellow, fancy dark yellow, fancy deep yellow (which has high coloration and a dark tone), fancy intense yellow, and fancy vivid yellow (which has the highest coloration. Thus, it is recommended for you to know exactly what kind of yellow diamond you want to have before purchasing it. Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow Diamond Ring

If you want to buy a yellow diamond ring you should know that the price of yellow diamond ring is vary according to the coloration of the diamond. Yellow diamonds which are not in fancy category are less expensive. You need to be careful when you find a very low price for a yellow diamond ring, because it is possible that the yellow diamond is not genuine. There is no chance a canary yellow diamond ring is sold with a low price, because, in fact, a price of yellow diamond ring is more expensive than a white diamond ring. You can check its authenticity by bringing it to the GIA or AGS laboratory. If not, try to find a certified yellow diamond ring from reputable and independent gemmologist. The certificate will ensure the originality of the yellow diamond and also its 4C’s quality. With the certificate, you can sell the ring with a high price.

The metal for the ring also play an important role for the beauty of the yellow diamond ring as a whole. Yellow diamond ring will look better in platinum or white gold metal, since it will enhance the beauty of the yellow diamond’s colour. Yellow gold will looks good as well, but make sure the colour of the yellow gold will not lessen the brightness of the diamond. Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow Diamond Ring

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