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Emerald Diamond Ring Settings

Wednesday, July 17th 2013. | Diamond Ring, Emerald Cut Diamond Ring


Emerald cut diamond is a diamond with a square or rectangular shaped cut. Emerald cut diamond generally has 58 facets and is usually shallow. Due to the way the facets are polished, an emerald cut diamond can give off bright flashes when the light reflects off the diamond so that a small diamond will look larger. That is one of the reasons why the emerald diamond ring settings become popular and lovely as engagement rings even though they are not as popular as round cut diamond. Emerald Diamond Ring Settings

Emphasizing on clarity and colour, emerald diamond has a pure and stark beauty unlike any other diamond cuts. It was very popular in 1920’s during the Art Deco movement because the parallel lines and uncluttered appearance of an emerald diamond complemented the strong and sleek designs at that time. After that period of time, the popularity of emerald diamond was down but nowadays it gets its popularity back after some celebrities choose emerald diamond ring setting as their jewellery.

Emerald Diamond Ring Settings


Emerald cut is also known as step cut. As the name given, emerald cut is originally for an emerald, but somehow, it is discovered that the cut also works well for other stones such as diamonds. At first, actual emeralds were very hard to cut so that the step cut was developed to solve that matter. Emerald cut is not as exquisite as other diamond cuts and has less sparkle because of long facet lines, but it is still able to reflect larger portions of light, so that an emerald diamond will be noticed from a longer distance. Emerald Diamond Ring Settings

Since emerald diamond tends to flash rather than sparkle when it catches light, it will be the perfect choice for those who like understated style or love vintage design and sophisticated elegance. If you do not feel comfortable wearing a diamond ring with more sparkling cuts, emerald diamond ring will be the right option. You do not need to worry that the cut will not suit your finger. If you have flatter short fingers, you need to look for long and narrow emerald cut. If you have long and slender fingers, you need to look for an emerald diamond with squarer outline.

Emerald Diamond Ring Settings


The fun thing when looking for an emerald diamond is that it can be used with different settings and styles. Emerald diamonds can be used as accents stones with smaller size but can also be stunning for solitaire ring. Emerald diamonds also often form the centre piece of multi-diamonds settings. If you combined an emerald diamonds with other stones or other diamond cuts, avoid those which are too sparkly in order not to make the emerald diamond looks dull. Emerald diamond looks nice in four-pronged setting but since it is popular in Art Deco period, many prefer a vintage style setting. Emerald Diamond Ring Settings

Since the emerald diamond reflects less light than standard brilliant cuts, you need to look for one with the highest clarity as possible to minimize any inclusions. The emerald diamond suits those with active life style since its four corners are mitred to protect the stone getting chipped. The style of emerald diamond is highly effective for coloured diamonds since the light being better reflected, making the play of colour intensified.

Emerald Diamond Ring Settings
Emerald Diamond Ring Settings
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