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Halo Diamond Ring Settings

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Halo diamond ring settings are popular with couples since they can make the centre diamond looks larger and sparkler. This setting will be recognized immediately from the halo of tiny diamonds which encircle the centre diamond, giving more brilliance and glow of the diamond and increasing the appearance of the diamond’s size. This setting is often in the style of glamorous vintage or antique ring with ornate bands accentuating the cut of the diamond and nowadays many people use other precious gemstones instead of diamonds for the halo stones. Halo Diamond Ring Settings

Halo Diamond Ring Settings


If you are interested in having a halo diamond ring, the most important thing you need to consider is maybe the way the diamond is cut, since the cut will determine the symmetry and the polish of the stone which will determine how much sparkle the diamond casts. Here are diamond cuts for halo diamond ring setting. Halo Diamond Ring Settings

Halo Diamond Ring Settings


Round Cut

This is the most popular choice for diamond since it contains remarkable brilliance, which is why it is also known as brilliant cut. A round cut diamond looks like a cone, a stereotypical diamond.

Princess Cut

It is the second most popular cut, also known as square modified brilliant cut. It has the same brilliance like round cut, only differs in appearance. The cut is relatively new so that the standard for its cut is not graded universally. Make sure to find a reliable jeweller to help you choose the good quality one for this cut.

Cushion Cut

Also known as pillow cuts. It will great for diamonds with high clarity.

Emerald Cut

Like cushion cut, it uses rectangular facets to highlight the clarity of a diamond.

Radiant Cut

It is a good choice for halo diamond ring since the surrounding halo gives a stunning contrast to the squared corners of radiant cut.

There are many styles available for halo diamond ring setting. Usually, a halo diamond ring will be related with an antique style. An antique ring which features delicate metal work like filigree will give an impressive look for a halo diamond ring setting. Those who prefer modern style can have the halo diamond ring in the split shank, where the ring is split into two smaller bands. Many modern styles will include diamonds on both bands of the split shank. If you want a simple and elegant look, try to choose a classic styled halo diamond ring which will include slender bands but with a large centre diamond. The latest trends in halo diamond ring are the use of split shank and pave setting but you can also find halo diamond ring with multiple centre diamonds and settings. The new popular ones feature a centre diamond with heart shaped.

The advantages of halo diamond ring settings are not only enhancing the appearance of the brilliance and the size of the centre diamond but also give a luxurious and striking appearance. But, since pave cut diamonds are the more often used for the halo, the ring tends to be more expensive than other designs which are simpler. If the ring is completely surrounded by smaller diamonds, it will lessen the striking presence of the solitaire. Halo Diamond Ring Settings

Halo Diamond Ring Settings

Halo Diamond Ring Settings
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