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Mens Black Diamond Ring

Wednesday, September 11th 2013. | Diamond Ring, Men Diamond Ring


For men who are looking for jewellery which offers something a bit different than other jewelleries, then black diamond ring is an ideal option, since black diamond is distinctive and rare. Black diamond also can look impressive and elegant for those elegant men. The black diamond can be paired with white gold and create a stunning appearance with the opacity of black diamond setting off the sparkle of white diamond. Not only that, black diamond is considered as a masculine stone than white diamond, so that black diamond often use for men’s jewellery. Mens Black Diamond Ring

Mens Black Diamond Ring


Many people wonder whether black diamond is really a diamond, since unlike other diamonds which have fire and brilliance and can sparkle brightly. But, indeed, black diamond is really diamond, only different from the traditional white diamond. Black diamond can be sourced in many ways and all are diamonds genuinely. Some are natural, some are enhanced, and some are cultured. Natural black diamonds are mined generally in Brazil, even though some can be found also in the Central African Republic. This one is known as carbonado and has a polycrystalline structure. Unlike white diamonds which can be found in a single large crystal, black diamond is consisted of many tiny crystals. Mens Black Diamond Ring

Carbonade diamonds with good quality to be used in jewellery are rare, so that many black diamonds can be seen in jewellery stores today are not of carbonade. That is why, good quality carbonade is really expensive. Most of black diamonds out there are cultivated or cultured diamond, which are created using two processes. These black diamonds are also called CVD 9chemical vapor deposition) or HPHT (high pressure high temperature). The last type, enhanced black diamond, is natural black diamond whose colour is enhanced. One special property of black diamonds is that some types of radiation can alter the colour, so that it can have a very dark green black and look completely black under ordinary light. This type is often in higher quality than carbonade diamond, since it does not have inclusions like carbonade diamond. Mens Black Diamond Ring

Mens Black Diamond Ring


If you want to buy a men’s black diamond ring, the first thing you should pay attention for is the appearance of the diamond. The black diamond should be glossy and smooth on the surface, look to be flawless, and the colour should rich and satisfying to the naked eye. Keep in mind that a black diamond is denser and harder than a white diamond, so that a one carat black diamond looks smaller than a one carat white diamond. Many people choose white gold for the black diamond ring, since the pairing will look stunning, but silver or platinum also look magnificent. For the same reason, white diamond will make a beautiful contrast to black diamond ring. For those who want a masculine look on the black diamond ring, titanium will be a good option. Mens Black Diamond Ring

Knowing ring sizes will be important as well before purchasing a man’s black diamond ring. Thus, you need to know your ring size before purchasing one. If you choose gold, platinum or silver for your men’s black diamond ring, it will not be a problem if the ring size is wrong, since these metals can be resized. But it is impossible for titanium.

Mens Black Diamond Ring

Mens Black Diamond Ring