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Mens Diamond Ring Settings

Friday, July 5th 2013. | Men Diamond Ring


Who said jewellery is only for women? Indeed, women are the ones who have more interest on jewellery than men, but nowadays there are many kinds of jewellery designed for men. For example, rings. Whether a man is looking for a diamond ring for himself or for his beloved one, whether for engagement ring, wedding ring, or only a piece of jewellery for special occasion, he should know how to choose a diamond ring with the best quality. Understanding that will help him to make the better choice and avoid overwhelming. Mens Diamond Ring Settings

When dealing with diamonds, someone should know about the 4C’s. A man should keep in mind that in general, diamonds for women will different in some ways compared to diamonds for men. To measure the weight of a diamond, we use carat. Generally, diamonds on men’s diamond rings are not much larger than one carat, so a man needs to consider whether he wants one larger diamond or many smaller diamonds on his ring. There are many kinds of diamond shapes used for rings; most men prefer a basic round shape. Some prefer princess cut, which is actually a simply square diamond shape which is good as well for men’s ring instead of its feminine name.

Mens Diamond Ring Settings


If a man wants a diamond ring which really will draw attention, he may want to find a diamond with a good cut. A good cut will make a diamond looks bigger and more brilliant. No diamond in the world is free from flaws and inclusions, so that there is no need to find one with no signs of them. Some of diamonds have flaws and inclusions cannot be seen with naked eye. Thus, the clarity is good enough. There are many colours of diamonds. It depends on what colour a man really want for his diamond. Mens Diamond Ring Settings

Mens Diamond Ring Settings

Beside the 4C’s for determining the quality and the price of a diamond, a man also should consider the style of his ring, which obviously is the way a diamond is set into the setting. Mens Diamond Ring Settings

Prong Setting

It is a very rare setting for men’s ring; it is more common for women’s engagement ring since generally it is considered has a feminine look. It holds a single and large diamond with prongs in order to let much light pass through the diamond.

Bezel Setting

It is a great setting for active men. It is also a simple setting which will appeal to the style of many men. It is similar like prongs, only it holds the diamond partially or completely with metal pushing over the edge of the diamond.

Channel Setting

It is similar to a bezel setting; only it is created with many smaller diamonds. It is a popular style for men because it is simple and secure. By combining many smaller diamonds together, a man can have a ring with many sparkles and shines. Some men also think smaller diamonds look more masculine.

Tension Setting

It is a very modern and simple style for fashionable men. The diamond will be placed between the setting so that it looks float. It is sure for men who want to show a larger diamond instead of a group of smaller diamonds

Pave Setting

It is a setting which closely studs many small diamonds together, but it is not as safe as channel setting since the diamonds only be ‘glued’ and may come loose occasionally. However, they can be replaced easily.

Mens Diamond Ring Settings

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